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WAIT! I’m writing a book!

As most readers will have worked out from my books, I love summer, the hot weather, the beach, and walking through national parks. For some years I’ve enjoyed swimming at a local, large Aquatic Center. One day as I was swimming up and down in my lane (the slow lane, sadly, not the fast lane, or even the medium lane), I started thinking that an Aquatic Center would be a mighty fine place to meet Mr. Right. After all, there’s plenty of brawny, naked chests, quite a lot of young, good-looking, ultra-fit life guards, and lots of sweaty, delicious muscles in the gym. The only surprising part of my decision was that I hadn’t thought of doing it long ago.

So I started writing the “Wet and Willing” series right there and then (in my head) as I swam. I expected it to be a paranormal series, as I’ve been writing a lot of paranormal stories lately, but the characters stayed firmly fixed in the here and now, showing no unusual abilities, remaining stolidly contemporary. Hey, that’s okay. Half the time I just take dictation from demanding characters anyway.

But then the unthinkable happened. The management of the Aquatic Center announced it was closing so they could undertake a major upgrade, and all the members had to find somewhere else to exercise for the eighteen months construction would take.

WAIT!! Just wait a minute. You can’t close the Aquatic Center! I’m in the middle of writing a series of books!!! Eighteen months! The readers would kill me if I took eighteen months off in the middle of it!

Fortunately for my peace of mind, we were given passes to another Aquatic Center, a little farther away, but just as big and exciting. So the series, “Wet and Willing” was written. Thank god!

Each of these books is a complete story in itself, but previous characters return for cameo appearances in later books.

Berengaria Brown Bio:

Berengaria is a multi-published author of erotic romance: contemporary, paranormal (magic, ghosts, vampires, fairies, dragons, and werewolves), futuristic, medieval, and Regency-set historical. She loves to read all different kinds of romance so that is what she writes: one man/one woman; two women; two men; two men/one woman; three men, two women/one man, three men/one woman…. Whatever the characters need for their very hot happily-ever-after, Berengaria makes sure they get it.

Book 3, the final book in the “Wet and Willing” series has just been released.


“Small Woman, Big Trouble” blurb:

Deb Steele hikes through a Water Authority reservation. But houses are being built on one section of it, and she can’t get home. She phones Kai Cole, and he and Harry Anders come to get her. While she’s waiting for them, her cell phone battery dies and a young man turns up on an electric scooter. When he realizes she’s quite alone, he plans to sexually assault her. She escapes from him just as Kai and Harry arrive.

Kai worries about how he can protect Deborah if this man is following her, and Harry suggests they learn karate. Kai decides the only way their beginning threesome relationship can progress further is if they all move in together.

But, as Deb is leaving work late that evening, the attacker jumps her once again. Why is he after her? How can the men protect her? And will they ever have enough time to build their friendship into a genuine relationship?




Deborah tucked her phone back in her shorts, stood up and stretched, then looked around. There was really very little to see. The land on this side of the road was empty, not just of houses, but also of crops and animals. “It’s hard to believe I’m still in the city. But there’s nothing here. No farms, no houses. Just nothing.” The other side of the road, the one she’d been hoping to turn down, was still the same abandoned-looking industrial estate she’d been following the entire way from where the park had once been. That was a puzzle really. Why were houses being built on a Water Authority reservation when there was all this vacant land on the other side of the road? She shrugged. Not her problem.

Just then she heard the faint sound of an engine, rather like a lawn mower or something like that. She turned and looked in every direction, but the idea of a lawn mower didn’t make sense. However the engine sound was steadily getting louder so she walked the few paces needed so she could look down Hillside View Road. Sure enough, there was a motorized scooter whizzing down the road toward her.

“Huh. If I’d just been patient I’d have found out where I was and how to get home. I wonder who this is and where they live.” She still couldn’t see any houses. Hillside View looked completely empty apart from the scooter, which was getting much louder and bigger as it approached.

The man riding on it looked to be large for such a small vehicle, but she guessed he was into gadgets or whatever. He was quite young, and spoke before the little scooter had even stopped. “Who are you, and why are you here?”

“My name’s Deborah, and I was hiking through the Water Authority reservation, but they’ve built houses on it back down there. What’s the name of this road?”

“You’re all alone?” he asked.

Worry sparked along Deborah’s spine at that question. He’d made no attempt to say who he was or to answer her question.

“Of course not. My two friends will be back in a minute.”

“You’re lying. You’re all alone, and you’re mine. I’m gonna fuck you ’til your eyeballs pop out. I’ve been needing a woman for a while.” He stepped off the scooter, letting it drop to the ground, unzipping his jeans as he spoke.

Deborah weighed up her choices. Running wouldn’t be smart. He’d soon catch up to her on his scooter, and she didn’t know which direction to take anyway. She needed to run toward Kai and Harry but had no idea whether they’d arrive from her right or her left. However, Kai had said five minutes, and that time must be just about up. They’d be here very soon, so all she needed to do was keep him talking.

“Before we fuck, we should get to know each other a little. My name’s Deborah. What’s yours?”

“I’m not stupid. I’m not telling you my name. And I’ve got a condom so you won’t catch me with DNA either,” he said moving toward her with a leer on his face and his arms outstretched.

“But sex is so much better if you talk to each other and build up a rapport first,” she said a little desperately, trying to move away from him without making it too obvious.

“Bullshit. Women are just holes to be filled. Men are the superior beings.”


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