I’d like to welcome Cindy Jacks to the blog today where she’ll be showcasing her new book, Ravish Me.

She is also doing a giveaway of any book from her backlist and a signed set of Ellora’s Cave playing cards (She’s the 7 of hearts). US winners only since she’ll have to mail the cards. Thank you. Just leave a comment and you’re in the running. Make sure you leave a way for Cindy to contact you in case you win.

Ravish Me

Cindy Jacks

Jane’s boyfriend Matthew is perfect in all ways but one—in the bedroom. Sure, their sex life is sweet and romantic, but therein lies the problem. Jane harbors secret desires that she’s afraid will turn off her vanilla lover. But finally she confides in him, introducing him to the world of non-con role play.

Matthew has always believed that no means no, but in ravishment fantasy no means yes, yes, yes. He’s reticent to open the door to the darker side of his sexuality, but with Jane’s patient guidance he finds he enjoys the role of aggressor. Perhaps more than he’s comfortable with. The role play stirs up a host of memories he’d rather forget, leaving him to wonder which is his true self—the sweet, romantic lover or the ravisher.


“How’s Matthew?” Ian asked.

“Matthew’s fine.” Jane nodded.

Her best friend eyed her, shaking his head. “You still haven’t told him, have you?”

“No and I’m not sure if I should. I don’t want him to think—”

The store receptionist’s voice blared over the loudspeaker, “Ian, report to reception, please, you have a client waiting. Ian, report to reception.”

“Shit.” He crushed out his cigarette and pulled open the back door, holding it for Jane. “We’ll discuss this tonight over appletinis, okay?”

“Sure. Is Kevin coming?”

“No, my baby’s out of town. It’ll just be us girls. Muah.” He air kissed her then flew off in the direction of the reception area.

Jane strode through the showroom, straightening pillows and tchotchkes. She found her clients in the Louis Philippe bedroom setting.

“How’s the browsing going?” she asked.

“Fine, thanks,” the wife replied.

Jane nodded and made her retreat. The couple had that look about them, they weren’t going to buy today. She’d been a salesperson long enough to know. Just like she’d known Matthew would make a purchase when he’d first come into the store. The newly divorced guys always purchased. All she had to do was be nice and listen to their tales of woe. To Matthew’s credit, he hadn’t run down his ex, so when he asked her out to dinner she decided to accept.

A text came in from his number.

Thinking of you 🙂

He was nothing if not sweet.

That evening, Jane sipped at an appletini as promised, and listened to Ian grouse about his last customer of the evening.

“Twelve catalogs later, we’re still no closer to picking a bedroom set.”

“Maybe he comes in to see you.”

“Well, he’d better buy something soon. I’m not there to hang out for free.”

“You’re such a whore.” Jane chewed at the slice of apple from her drink.

Ian winked at her. “You know it.”

Her phone vibrated with a message from Matthew again.

Have you had dinner?

Only if a liquid dinner counts.

Wanna come over?

Love to!

By come over he meant that he’d send a sedan from the private car service he often used to ferry her to his loft in NoMa—the fashionably industrial section of DC north of Massachusetts Avenue. Dating a well-to-do programmer had its perks.

“Is that him?” asked Ian.

“Yep. He wants me to come over for dinner.”

“Oh fine, just abandon me.”

“Don’t be like that. If Kevin was home you’d do the same thing.”

“True, but Kevin and I burn up the sheets so that’s understandable. By abandoning me for Mr. Vanilla, you’re saying he gives better conversation than I do.”

Jane winced at the reminder of her lackluster sex life. “Don’t be like that. And the sex issue isn’t his fault. He tries very hard.”

“You have to tell him what you like.”

“I’m just afraid he won’t like me if I tell him. You know it’s happened before.”

“So you’re just going to fake it for him for the entire duration of this relationship?”

“If I have to. Maybe I can learn to come without…you know.”

“And what if you can’t? What if you two work out and he asks you to marry him? Can you do Unfulfilled-Ever-After? I know I couldn’t.”

Jane waved away Ian’s concerns. “Yes, yes. If it gets to that point then we’ll talk about it.”

Ian patted her hand. “I know it’s not an easy topic to broach, but if he really cares about you, he’ll be open to what you’re saying.”

Downing the last of her drink, Jane prayed the car service would show up soon. She didn’t even want to talk about this with her best friend, how was she supposed to bring it up with Matthew?

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