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Hey guys,

How are you? Hope you’re all well! December is always a busy month and with Christmas around the corner (triple whoop!) I thought I’d write about what I’ve been up to this past week. In between finalising the second edition of my debut novel Screaming Snowflakes, working on the sequel and screenplay adaptation, freelance writing in addition to blogging (phew, takes a deep breath), the hours quickly and easily melt away like snow in the early morning sun.

I’m really excited about Screaming Snowflakes, the latest edition which went live only two days ago (check it out here The e-book also has a brand spanking new excerpt from the sequel and I had blast writing it. It’s a Gothic romance with a supernatural twist. The three book saga will see things get a whole lot darker (positively apocalyptic, hint hint) for the two protagonists, Eleanor and the altogether delicious Raphael.

To keep me grounded in reality (and not just stuck in the fictional world I love to inhabit) I also ran my first Creative Writing Workshop on Thursday, which went down a storm. I love connecting with fellow writers and I’m never happier than when chatting away to creatives, steaming hot latte in hand. I’m always intrigued by the lives of other writers; what they write about, why they write and the methods used to get those creative juices flowing. It was an informative session we chatted about Creative Writing, E-publishing, social media and everything else in between.

What about you – why do you write? Are there any tips or tricks that you would like to share? There’s this really cool app that was recommended to me by a friend. Write Or Die is for those who have a procrastination problem. I have never had writer’s block (I am weirdly challenged by the blank page in an unspoken battle of wills), but recently, I have been indulging in task avoidance. With the Write Or Die app, you set a word count, time limit and if you don’t accomplish your target, you’re reprimanded or made to feel guilty courtesy of the level of punishment meted out by app. If you haven’t tried, it, I recommend that you do, because as long as you keep typing, you’re ‘safe’. This is my app du jour and great for a writer or anyone working to strict daily deadlines.

Now, one of the things I love about the writing fraternity is how it is so supportive of other writers. We will cheer on and promote other writers, providing that all important platform for writing talent to give their masterpiece-in-waiting airspace. Initiatives like NaNaWriMo and calls for Guest Posts are, I think, the way forward for any writer out there, regardless if they have a literary agent or not. I was part of NaNoWriMo last month and wrote just under 51,000 words. The story is in no way finished (editing it is going to be a complete pain in the ahem, eye), but it was beyond cool to connect with other writers as we encouraged each other to hit that all important 50,000 word target. Did you participate in NaNoWriMo? How did you find it?  What makes you write? I would love to hear from you. Hope you had a great weekend!

Love Ax

Amber is a loquacious freelance writer and blogger. An English Literature graduate with a penchant for reading and political PR, she has penned her debut novel Screaming Snowflakes (the first in a three book saga), is working on the sequel, screenplay and eight novellas. She loves exploring new opportunities and can usually be found head buried in a book (Dickens, Dumas and Rowling are the usual suspects), or glued to Hollywood classics (On The Waterfront and Some Like It Hot are just a few to mention). She has an unhealthy fixation with political spin doctors and brie (thankfully not together because that would just be plain weird). Ideal dinner guests would be The Dalai Lama, Kenneth Branagh, Carla Bruni, David Heyman, Joe Biden, Mickey Rourke, and Sarah Palin (OK the last one was a joke – sorry Sarah, but The Dalai Lama wouldn’t approve).

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