I love the kitchen. You all know this. We’ve been over this many times. Y’all know how much I love to cook and bake and the last week or so that we’ve been cleaning up around the house, the one room downstairs that hasn’t been touched is the kitchen. I have an addiction, a serious addiction to kitchen appliances, big and small, counter top and hand held. I’ve been developing an addiction to food blogs and cookbooks too, but the cookbooks, well, I’m trying to keep a lid on that one.

Anyway, I want to make-over my kitchen. I can’t do anything about the cabinets or counters yet, simply because I don’t have that kind of money or patience, but, I can add new small appliances, new dishes, a few new gadgets and gizmos.

My favorite items in my kitchen, things I cannot do without (these are not pictures of my actual toys, but they are the toys I have…):

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (yes even in this color)

Cuisinart Combo Blender/Food Processor

Bread Machine (mine is actually about 10-15 years old. I’m in the market for a new one)

Crock-Pot (I know y’all know how much I love and use this thing)

French Press (am considering purchasing another of these, doing away with my drip coffee maker, and investing in a nice espresso machine since I love making my own lattes and macchiatos.)

Many years ago, I even took cake decorating classes, sold Tupperware, and sold Pampered Chef. I still use and purchase Pampered Chef products, and even some Tupperware ones, though I can find just as good in the store for a fraction of the cost.

Then, there’s the new marketing campaign that I’ve seen going around that, well, I could definitely go for…

My oh my, right?

On the wish list is a new fridge, cause well, the one we have is huge and hulking outside, not very energy efficient, and kinda small on the inside. It came with the house, so, not what I would have chosen.

I have found the prettiest dishes at Pier One that I want. I am tired of having cheap dinnerware and want something nice. Believe it or not, it does make the whole eating experience more pleasurable.

And since I’ve gotten the wonderful spill-proof wine glasses and the automatic wine bottle opener to add to my kitchen, it’s time to start updating…

I won’t be changing out my mixer or blender. I might be upgrading to a larger food processor because I sometimes find myself with too much to process and not enough processor bowl. I am looking into new mixing bowls and the one thing I really want this year, if nothing else, is an enamel coated cast iron dutch oven:

Now, I’ve said before that I love food blogs and I do. I’ll do a post one day of my favorites. I have file folders of recipes I’ve clipped from magazines and should probably start my own food blog. It could serve a few purposes at once… get rid of the paper clutter and share my favorites with others. Something I am going to seriously consider…

So, that’s a little of my guilty pleasure. If you like to cook, what can’t you live without in your kitchen? What is on your kitchen wish list? And if you don’t like to cook or bake, why not?


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