The 4th of July. Bar-b-ques. Family. Friends. Fireworks. Concerts. Memorials. Remembrances. Gratitude. Sacrifice. Freedom. Independence.

There are other words associated with this holiday but these are the ones that come to mind when I think of it.

I’ve had family in the military. Friends. Neighbors. I was once almost in myself, but a medical condition kept me from it. My great grandfather was in the Army. My uncle, the Marines. My grandfather, the Navy. My prom date, the Air Force. I hold them all and those that still serve in the highest regard and know that I owe a lot to those that have fought to keep us safe.

On this day, whatever your belief, remember that there were men and women that fought and died for you and yours… Raise a glass, or a bottle, or a keg to those… Lend a helping hand.

No one should be excluded from serving if they are willing. No one gay, bi, straight, blue, black, yellow, purple, or green, woman, man… No one. We all live here. We all die here.

And just because I can and because I just finished writing this one for Samhain, due out in October… Cracklin’ Rosie…

Happy 4th! 


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