I swear, this is what I feel like some days. I would whore myself for coffee. And it’s not even the whole cup that matters. It’s just the first few sips. The aroma. The warmth. The fact that I know in a couple minutes, I’m gonna feel better.

Does the coffee really do that or is it just mind over matter for me with it? I’m gonna say it’s the coffee because I know plenty of others out there, that would swear the same things I did above. Although, some days it might take the whole cup and one or two more to feel better, but, you get the idea…

I am still primarily in the writing cave today. I promised my editor this book and dammit! she’s gonna get it. I also have a few pieces to add to the shifter edits before I can turn them back in this weekend or so… One day, I’ll get out of the cave… One day the characters in a book will behave and not go all crazy on me, having sex when it wasn’t planned for them to have sex, and having deep conversations when they really weren’t supposed to, not to mention the utter brattiness of the heroine just because she didn’t get her way… Her reward for it…no, she still didn’t get her way, I don’t believe in rewarding that behavior. No, all it got her was the hero telling her to get the fuck over it and walking away… Damn, I’ll chase a man like that!

Anyway…I digress… In light of being in the cave (thank GOD I’ve got the coffee pot in here), I am guesting over at Naughty Author Chicks today. I was approached to give an interview by one of my favorite authors and new friends and writing guru’s Cara McKenna. I would never deny this woman anything… She’s so incredibly awesome, talented, and prolific! I provided NAC with a couple naughty excerpts, one from each book so, pop on over there! I’ll be giving away a copy of both Simple Need and Carnal Ecstasy tomorrow.

There is also a hot, yummy (different) excerpt from Carnal Ecstasy over on Smutty Hussy Cecile’s blog, All I Want and more… We didn’t plan a contest, but the weekend isn’t over yet and y’all know me, I’ll have a giveaway somewhere and I’ll let all y’all know!

I’ll be posting today on Kiss and Tell Girls… Yes more promo for this book! And if y’all think this is bad, just wait til August and I start promoting my first shifter novella! 

So, while I get back to the cave for some more hard and heavy writing, y’all visit some blogs and leave some comments, and lust after the man that’s gonna be bringing you naughtiness tomorrow… Dallon…


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