It’s been a few minutes, right? How ’bout a quick update…

Even though I haven’t written a post to you since I got home from Florida, I have written words on a couple of different stories.

But quite frankly, I’m pretty far behind on a lot of things. Writing goals, housework, health goals, etc… However, as always, I’m working to catch up and I’m working to get things moving forward and getting ahead a little and looking forward to 2022.

I haven’t felt well since I got back. Physically or mentally. I’ve been extremely tired and some sort of exhausted I can’t even name. My mood has been up and down. I’ve lacked for energy of any sort. It’s not that I want to sleep, it’s more that I don’t want to do anything at all.

My diet was way off while I was away and before I left, I had been making good progress with it, making the changes to my eating and drinking habits that made me feel so much better than before. It’s taken me a few weeks to find the motivation to really get back to it, but I’be started making significant progress this week. Exercising has been pretty much in that same boat. I fell way off and have lacked any kind of desire to get back into the swing of doing it. I have started up again, albeit, at a much more pulled back state until I build some energy and stamina back up. It’s the starting that counts at first, and the consistency that counts as you move along.

Thanksgiving was nice. We spent the day up in Charlotte with our daughter and her new cat and kittens. The leftovers were gone by Sunday.

There’s a Christmas tree lighting in the park of the small town we live in later this week and Hallmark Christmas movies have set the bar pretty high, so if this event doesn’t live up to that, I’m gonna be pretty damn disappointed.


The regular college football season is over and thank heavens for that because my Seminoles were not much better this year than they were last year. On the plus side, however, are my Cincinnati Bearcats who went 12-0 this season. I’m nervous about their conference championship against Houston this weekend and cautiously excited. I believe some Cincinnati Chili will be on the menu as an extra boost of support.

My new favorite holiday drink is a Gingerbread Tea Latte (with oatmilk). I had one at Starbuck’s inside the Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago when I went to write in the cafe and oh my goodness, it was delicious. I ordered some Harney & Sons Gingerbread Festival tea as soon as I got home that evening and have been making this tea latte every day since.

And before I close out this note, I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you, whoever you are, reading these posts, these snippets that I write. You’re awesome.

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