…don’t let the virtual door hit you on the ass on the way out!

Newsletter sign-ups. It’s optional. No one is twisting your arm. Yes, a lot of authors and other companies offer a lot of free stuff and some even offer monthly money to attract subscribers. Some hold contests. But damn, y’all! When you subscribe for whatever reason… it irks the fuckin’ shit out of me when my newsletters are reported as Spam.

There’s a report, you see…

Are there legit times when the newsletter ends up in the Spam folder? Yeah.

Are there those who just report newsletters they receive as Spam? Yeah. And those are the ones who irritate me.

Simply unsubscribe. Most of us REMIND everyone that they signed up VOLUNTARILY… And most of us have the option at the bottom of the newsletter to Unsubscribe. Use. It. Please.

I am so grateful for each and every subscriber. I don’t sent out a newsletter every day like some authors and companies I know do. I hate getting those newsletters every day. Hate. It. And guess what? I typically Unsubscribe. I typically use the link at the bottom. It’s easy.

If you want to stay, Yay! I love that you do!

If you don’t want to stay, Unsubscribe. I’m still gonna love you and be thankful that you gave me a chance.

If you don’t want to stay, but rather than Unsubscribe, you want to hit the Spam key? Please, let me hold the door open for you so it doesn’t hit you on the ass as you snicker and leave.


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