Yesterday was an emotional, topsy-turvy day and if you missed my tweet/Facebook update about it, don’t worry, I’ll talk more about it here soon.

I am in midst of doing self-editing/self-revisions on Forever In Blue Jeans, the 3rd book in the Blue Jeans and Hard Hats series. It’s my longest book at nearly 60K and by the time is is finished and through edits at Samhain (provided they contract it), it’ll likely BE 60K. My plan is to turn it in to my editor this weekend and hopefully we’ll all have an answer on it in the next 4-6 weeks. That would mean, we’d probably be looking at something like an early (if we’re lucky) Springtime release.

My editor did email me yesterday about the edits for Twisted Up and she said she’ll be getting those to me this weekend. So, my focus today and tomorrow is on the revisions of Forever In Blue Jeans, so when edits comes in, I can get started on them.

I need to get writing next week as well on something else… I need to finish Trouble in the Making for self-publishing, Drive Shaft (the follow-up to Stick Shift) because some of you are asking for it, and get to work again on the follow-up to Ink Spots which is the one titled Too Bad (Jackie and Mac’s story). If you have a preference one way or another, let me know.

In the meantime…


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