So, I debated on whether I should post this blog here on this blog or if I should post it over on the blogspot blog. See, a lot my followers are still over there, but… Maybe I’ll do a double post for a while. I’ll think about it.

I have been hard at work on setting my writing for the next few months. I have 3 more definite books coming out this year and have one more that I am writing now for a Christmas theme call at Ellora’s Cave. I’ll submit it soon and then we’ll see…

While I have been a good girl writing, I have also been somewhat of a bad girl in that I’ve been distracted easily by yummy images the last few days and I’ve decided on some delicious inspiration.

I think though that I am going to change the saying ‘plot bunnies’ to ‘plot hotties’ because every time I see one, I most of the time get some new ideas. I believe I have enough ideas to last me through 2012 and well into 2013… So, look out!

Inspiration #1:

Inspiration #2: (now I know he’s a little different, given the blindfold, but…)

Inspiration #3:

We’re gonna have some fun, huh?


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