My birthday is February 22nd. I am turning, as the title and the cupcake say, 40. In honor of this, I am throwing a birthday bash here on the blog throughout the month of February.

This party is for my readers, for readers of other authors, for friends of readers, for anyone we can bring in. At the end of the party, which will be February 28th, any leftover stragglers will have until March 5th at midnight to be entered to win presents. Not prizes, but PRESENTS! Afterall, this is a birthday celebration and what do you get on your birthday but presents. However, I turn the tables here on my blog and instead of getting, I’m giving them…

Are you wondering what some of the presents are? I kinda thought so, so here’s a little list:

Starbuck’s gift card

Amazon gift card

Some miscellaneous things that I’ve been collecting for a few months just for this party…cupcake things, wine things, coffee things…

Some ebooks will be given (mine as well as from some of the authors that will be participating)… I think even a print book or two might be offered up, including autographed copies…

And last but definitely not least, an Amazon Kindle.

I have invited authors and book bloggers to join in this celebration with me. I am so thrilled and so humbled by the wonderful people that agreed and shared a piece of themselves for this. You see, I asked them to share a birthday memory, or present, or cake with us, something that is a part of them. They will also be highlighting one of their own book or one of their favorite books by another author…

During the month, you’ll be seeing:

Cara McKenna
Eve Cassidy
Cari Quinn
NJ Walters
Madison Chase
Kiss and Tell Girls
Vivian Arend
The Blackraven
Selena Illyria
Dee Carney/Morgan Sierra
Shelley Munro
The Smutketeers
Shayla Kersten
Mari Carr
Selena Blake
Diana from The Forbidden Bookshelf
Ava March
Cecile from All I Want and More…
Leila Brown
Christa Paige
Cat Grant
Fallon Blake
Melissa Schroeder
The Gutter Gals

See, we are just going to have ourselves a FANTABULOUS (and yes it is a word…a word I made up, but a word nonetheless) month!

The way this is going to work is as easy as 1…2…

1. You must follow this blog and state it in the comments, once will do…
2. You must comment on ALL the posts.

Officially, the party ends on February 28th, but I know there will be some stragglers that were busy doing other things, so I’m giving an extra few days for people come on by and comment. On March 6th, I will post a blog here stating who has won what, including the Kindle winner. I will even announce it on Twitter and Facebook. Please, when you comment on the posts through February, leave an email address because you will also be contacted by email. If I have no address, I cannot give you a present! And you do want a present, right?

Okay, so, tell your friends, Tweet it, Facebook it, whatever, but spread the word cause we’ll be here all month, gabbing about birthdays!

Any questions? Leave them here in the comments or email me lissa AT lissamatthews DOT com (

Remember, comment on all the posts, leave your email if you want to have a chance to receive presents, AND follow the blog.

I appreciate each and every one of you and this is my birthday gift to you…


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