Happy Birthday to Me! No, I’m not shy about liking my birthday or wanting to celebrate or share it with people.

I need to apologize about yesterday and no post or giveaway. I am cross-eyed, even as I type this. I spent all day and night working on Forever In Blue Jeans. There were…complications. I’m fixing to fix those and finish it up and upload it. However, I have promised presents and dammit all, we’re gonna have presents.

I found these and while I haven’t tried one yet myself, when you try one, I’m gonna try one…

They’re called Keep Cups. Reusable, sustainable, barista grade and approved coffee cups. They come 4 size options and any color combo you can think of. Me, I’m simple. Y’all might not be, though.

Of course, if you don’t drink coffee, you can use one for hot tea or hot cocoa. Heck, hot soup even.

I am giving away 2 of the Medium (12oz) sizes. You have until Saturday at 6pm EST to enter. How do you do that? Leave me a comment here and tell me your favorite color from childhood AND your favorite color as an adult (if it’s changed.) My favorite all time color is purple. But, there are times, I’ve gone through phases of preferring other colors. I always end up back at purple though.

So, the Keep Cup is Present #2. Presents, yes plural, #3, will be gift cards. I have several to disburse of. They will given tonight in the Righteous Perverts chat. If you do not attend, can’t attend, etc… Don’t worry. Present giving is not over for the week. Remember, I still have a Keurig to let go of… There will be gift cards, more books, and and other things given…

For now, I need coffee. I need to fix what’s wrong with Forever In Blue Jeans, and I need to get ready for a pilgrimage to South Carolina where the nearest Publix is.

Remember… Leave me a comment here about your favorite color from childhood and your favorite color from adulthood, if it’s changed. Make sure to leave your email address as well so you can be contacted.


(P.s. there will be second post on the blog later today… And don’t forget you can still enter the tote bag and book presents giveaway here.)


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