I’m waiting on a bigger, higher resolution image, but…what do y’all think? I kinda like him…winks.

My report card, on the writing front, is not good. I’ve hardly written at all. I’ve developed this hand/arm/shoulder/neck issue that I am going to the doctor on Friday to have checked out. I can only type a little at a time and it’s not getting the books written. For instance, after this blog is done, I will be done typing for night. Typing hurts and the numbness gets worse the longer I go. I’ll be having some myoflex put on my shoulders and neck and arm, I’ll be taking some ibuprophen and I’ll be going to bed. I am averaging around 500 words a day which isn’t nearly, isn’t NEARLY enough for all I have going on, but at least it’s something, right?

On other fronts, I’ve been a little more productive. Took my daughter to get her learner’s permit. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know the hell the DMV has been the last two days. I have made dentist appointments, doctor appointments, gotten the balls rolling on the upcoming home school year. These were all important things.

I have learned a few new things about my eating this week as well. Dairy is definitely out. Even though I stopped drinking milk, other things with heavy dairy content (cream cheese), not good for me. And fast food. Fast food is gone from my eating. Has to be. The heartburn and acid reflux is…not worth it. Same for the dairy. I can still do some cheese in small amounts, I can still do eggs, I can still do creamer for my coffee, but nothing more than that. I have also cut out the majority of wheat gluten as well. I have noticed a lot of just normal bloating and yuck feeling starting to do away from these cuts. I still eat bread, I just eat the cracked wheat ones instead of the whole wheat flour ones.

Oh and sweet tea made with the Splenda/Sugar blend, is really not too bad! I’ll be making it more and drinking it when I am craving sweet tea.

With the lack of fast food now, some weight should start to come off and I should start to feel even better. It also means that I will be cooking a lot more. I already cook a lot now, but it will be increasing. I signed up again for a home produce delivery service that I had used a while back. They were great, but no one was really eating the veggies except me. With DH’s diabetes, he’s learned that he NEEDS to try new foods and eat a bigger variety of them. His doctor was very pleased at the weight loss he’s had in the last 4 months…about 15lbs.

I am still walking and doing yoga but I need to do more yoga. It will help with the circulation, the strength of my muscles, and my in the end, my overall well-being.

And tonight, I tried fresh cut strawberries with a balsamic reduction. Again, if you follow me on Twitter, you saw where I fainted from the deliciousness. And man was it! I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. Balsamic vinegar is quickly becoming one of my favorite new items in the kitchen, even though my eating plan says I shouldn’t have it at all. Until they come up with something identical to it that isn’t vinegar, I’m not budging. Grins…

That’s about all I have to report. I hope all of you have had a great week so far and will have a great end of the week.


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