So, what do y’all think of the new look of the website? There are still a few tweaks to tend to and some changes to make, but we’re well on our way. Kendra from Creations by Kendra did the design for me. She’s a very dear friend and I couldn’t be more thrilled by the end result. I would highly recommend her if you need any graphics, book covers, websites, etc… She’s got amazing talent and skill.

I am participating in a Mini-Read-A-Thon today. 12 hours of reading. My Nook is charging and my Kindle is already loaded up. I have a lot of books to choose from for reading and Tuesday I’ll let y’all know which ones I read.

I need to get started. I need some coffee! Speaking of coffee, don’t y’all love the little coffee cup social media buttons?

Have a great Sunday! Oh, and at the bottom of each page, is an RSS button. If you haven’t subscribed to the feed but wish to, it’s there in the left hand corner. I am still planning a newsletter before the end of the month so be looking for that. And if you haven’t signed up, what are you waiting for?




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