I don’t have anything specific to talk about today but thought it might be a good idea if I at least posted something! I don’t want y’all forgetting about me!

I was just reminded by smokinhotbooks that Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, May 9th. Grrr… I want to hire someone to come do a complete and total cleaning of my house, from top to bottom, including windows. I don’t see that happening. $$ isn’t available for that this month. She also mentioned a massage. Damn her! I’d LOVE that too. Might even kill for it…lol. I’ve never had a massage, not a professional one, but I just know I’d love it. I just know I could become addicted to that. The $$ isn’t available this month for that either. No, this month, $$ is already spent and it’s only May 3rd. Both of my kids have birthdays this month, there are 4 NASCAR races to attend, and my daughter is going to prom.

Ah, prom. Thank goodness I don’t have a thing for scanning and uploading pics from high school onto the computer and then online.

I had definite 80’s hair for proms. I went to 4 of them. But, my daughter will likely only go to one prom during her high school years and no matter what, I would not miss the chance to see her as she walks out the door. Prom is a right of passage. It’s important. It’s one of those things that you wonder about ‘what if’. There are other events like that, but…prom is usually the first in that line of things. And whether it’s the first prom, second prom, only prom, I wouldn’t miss any of those moments. My mom is coming up to NC a week early so she can see my daughter all dressed up, to take pics, to do the whole grandma gushing thing, the whole taking pictures thing.

And though my daughter is almost 16 and believing that family is a dud and that friends are ‘all that’…well, I felt the same way, but while I’ve had some good friends throughout my life, I am glad my mom was there for me during those important, once in a lifetime moments. Family always came first to her and family comes first to me. Much as I need a vacation and a break, I would give my last dime, my last breath for my kids. I give so much of myself to my kids and home life, I give the same to my friends.

And speaking of moments, I have a book release this month. Yes, I know I had a release last week and so far, as of this writing, Sweet Caroline is sitting at #2 on MyBookstoreandMore. I’m excited about that. It’s an awesome feeling. But, I have a release coming next week, May 11th from Loose Id. Stick Shift! Hot yummy race car driver that loves winning, molasses cookies, spanking, and sexy older women. What fun we’ll all have with that one!

Fun. This article is not fun.

This one, is. I love Julia Roberts. I have for years and years and years and I think I always will.

This is fun, too! From May 2nd to May 28th, Samhain Publishing and Coffee Time Romance are presenting excerpts and prizes in what they call Spring Showers!

So, make sure you come over, visit, talk to the authors, comment on the excerpts, and maybe even win!

I don’t really have much else today. I need to spend some time writing today and after lunch here, I think I’ll be getting right on that.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week.


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