The few people that pay attention to anything I say, have learned by now, or should have, that male/male stories take up the majority of space on my iTouch. Be it historical, contemporary, BDSM, or paranormal, I’ve read quite a bit over the last year. If I’m reading a menage with two men and a woman, I want the men to be lovers as well. There are a few m/f/m menage books I like, but I much prefer either strictly male/male or male/male/female stories.

The other day on Twitter, I asked for some recommendations of male/male books and between Twitter and Facebook, I received the following suggestions:

Private Dicks by Katie Allen
A Helping Hand by Shayla Kersten
the Sweet Oblivion series by Jordan Castillo Price
anything by K.A. Mitchell
a futuristic yet to be released by Christine d’Abo
Happy Ending by L.B. Gregg
Dangerous Ground by Josh Lanyon
The Tin Star by J.L. Langely (I’ve read this one already. In fact, I’ve read all of J L Langely’s books and cannot wait until a new one comes out!!!! Another in her Sci-Fi/Fantasy series would be FABULOUS! I really really enjoyed My Fair Captain. It was my first foray into male/male reading other than some proofing I was doing at the time.)
Heaven by Jet Mykles
Str8te Boys by Evangeline Anderson
Upon Midnight by Buffy Christopher
K Z Snow
DJ Manly
T.A. Chase
Ally Blue
Ryan Field
Amber Greene
Morgan Hawke

Now, the few that I have read that weren’t on this list of suggestions anywhere were M. L. Rhodes, Ava March, Cameron Dane, and Rowan McBride, Z.A. Maxfield, and Anna Leigh Keaton’s Soren’s Surrender.

One of the things I like in my male/male reading is…men. I love men. Hot yummy men. Not whiny crybaby men. I’ve read a few books where the men are just that…whiny and crybabies…worse than little girls. I don’t want that. I want emotional attachment. I like hard rugged men. I like softer tender men. But I like them to still be men, not just have the plumbing.

Does that make me sound harsh? Mean? I hope not, because I don’t mean it that way. It’s just the way I like my stories. Strong, independent men that know who they are or that are finding out who they are, accepting, loving, know what they want, real emotions, real struggles, and naughty naughty naughty in bed. grins…

I hope you all have a great Monday. It’s back to the grind for most all of us, so I hope yours is fine…

If you have any further suggested male/male reading, let me know. Tell me your faves.


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