I had the most relaxing weekend. The only thing writing/business related was to post my Snippet Saturday excerpt and to update my website a little. Other than that, I did nada! It was nice. It was necessary. It was great! But, now it’s Monday and I have to find my way back into writing. 
Since January, I have written 77, 018 words. Since January, I have submitted 4 novellas totalling 91, 389 words. Two have been accepted, and two I am still waiting on hearing about from my editor. So, now, it’s time to start on new books. Here is what I need to/intend to work on over the next few months:
Cracklin’ Rosie, Book 2 in the Blue Jeans and Hard Hats series 
X Just Marks the Spot
Cowboy Tric’s
Arctic Change, Book 2 in the Denali Heat series
Turn Two
Makin’ Memories
The last two are for special calls at two of my publishers so they have definite deadlines that must be met. They will be written. 
I have a lot of work to do. I had best get to it! 

 Have a great Monday!
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