It’s been a long week. I got home from my trip late yesterday afternoon and haven’t stopped or really even slowed down.

Last week part of the oak tree in our backyard was struck by lightning. It’s a beautiful tree but it’s likely a goner. The strike also took out the satellite dish, our home phone, the internet, a couple DVD players, and some ports on the sound system receiver. I am blogging to you from my phone. My data is the only internet I’ve got. I should be going to coffee shops to work but someone has to be here at home for when AT&T and DirecTV are supposed to show up. DH can’t take time off and I wouldn’t expect him to. That leaves me to deal with them. That’s fine.

I have edits for Malachi’s Word that I’m nearly done with. I don’t know when we’ll get started on Double Up edits. I have several books in the works. I have several new plots too. It had been my intention to get Trouble in the Making tidied up and uploaded this weekend…doesn’t look like that will happen without home internet.

I’ll keep you up to date and informed as best I can.  Had at least wanted to update you 🙂


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