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Last week I did Smoothie Saturday. You’ll see that heading from time to time. But there will also be Savory Saturday and Sweets Saturday. All of these I’ll be posting about my food Pinterest boards and links to recipes I’ve tried or want to try.

I love food, y’all. I’ve been cooking for years, since I was in elementary school. My first jobs were in the food industry. I watched The Food Network religiously, and The Cooking Channel became my mistress. I like cooking shows, not the reality-type competitions. I’d only watch those during special occasions…cake decorating type things.

But I love food. I’ve learned a lot from cooking shows. And for several years now, I’ve been a food blog addict.

Hello, my name is…

I subscribe to hundreds of them. I want to be one of them. But… And it’s the kicker. I don’t want to be the food blogger/photographer type. They’re lovely and amazing, but I’m not interested in the perfect lighting and awesome table linens and the best ever dishes. It’s 80% about the food for me and 20% about the blogger’s personality. Otherwise, I unsubscribe.

This is not why we’re here, though. And I’ll get into my food blogging dreams another day.

Let’s actually talk food…

My Deliciousness-Savory board on Pinterest is by far my most popular. Tons of pins and lots of followers.

Everything from bread to brisket to pasta can be found there. I’ve often though about breaking the board down more… Doing a Salads board, a Slow-Cooker board, etc… And maybe I will.

I find such inspiration in food and from blogs and Pinterest. And creativity and inspiration are important in food because if it’s not good, you won’t be satisfied with it.

We’ve been doing a 21-Day Cook/Eat at home thing. It’s not really a challenge most days, but it could become boring if there weren’t so many awesome recipes to try. Variations on old favorites, too.

I think we’re on day 12…

It’s been good. For us as consumers of food. I cook a lot from scratch. If I can make the seasoning myself, the cream concoction, the sauce, the coffee creamer, the salad dressing myself, then I will. It cuts out the chemicals and processing. It’s better money-wise too.

Again, I guess all that’s a whole other post.

See? I have a ton of stuff I could go on and on about.

Do you like food? Do you like to cook or bake? Try new things? Or do you need inspiration? My Pinterest boards might be able to help you out…

The thing I tried this week was…One Skillet Cheesy Chili Mac from

Do you have a favorite meal? Restaurant?

Do you Pinterest?


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