Emotion. It’s something some of us experience deeply and something some of us bury so deep… Some of us want to feel everything and some of us don’t want to feel anything. Emotion encompasses, good and bad, love and pain, hurt and anger, sadness and joy, boredom and excitement.

But when we think of emotional scenes in books, we often picture the deepfelt, heart wrenching scenes of love or hurt.

I know for me, Cheryl Holt and Lisa Kleypas are amazing at these kinds of emotional scenes. There’s a scene in Lisa Kleypas’ Suddenly You that breaks my heart every time I read it and it’s one book that the pages are worn thin from so much re-reading. The same for nearly any of Cheryl Holt’s books. The sex in her books isn’t scorching, but the emotion to me has been WOW…

That’s one of the things I want to learn to create in my books. That soul searing emotion, the kind that grips your gut and twists and holds tight and makes you feel it…


Caroline watched out the driver’s side mirror as Buck walked around the back of the trailer. He was checking the locks one more time to make sure they were secure. She was tired, and her eyes were gritty. She’d cried some before she went to sleep then cried again when he made love to her early this morning.

She was a damn basket case, worse than she ever figured she’d be. But Buck was solid. His lip hadn’t even quivered. He didn’t tell her not to go. He didn’t ask to come with her. He didn’t even say he’d call, write or send up a flare.

He didn’t want things to end either, though. It was in the way he touched her, the way he kissed her, the way he looked at her when he thought she didn’t know. They were both grownups. They could do this. People moved and separated all the time even when they cared for one another. And…if she kept telling herself that, she might actually start to believe it by the time she reached Atlanta.

“Everything looks good. Got the keys?”

He stood at the window. She wanted to reach out and touch him but didn’t dare. “Yeah. In my pocket.”

“Okay then, I’d say you’re all set. Take care with the turns.”

They’d had this discussion before that she’d never towed anything on the back of a vehicle. “I will. I’ll be fine, Buck.”

“I know you will. I would say call me when you get there…”

“I don’t know if I can.”

He nodded. She knew he understood and that it didn’t make things any easier. “Be careful.”

It was her turn to nod as she cranked her Jeep and put it in drive. It was awkward, this feeling of something being unfinished. She wasn’t used to it and didn’t like it. Not one bit. There was more to say, more to do, oh hell lots more to do, but…

“You need to get on the road. You don’t want to hit Atlanta anytime between now and eight tonight.”

He was trying to make a joke, and she did manage a smile that didn’t seem forced. Not to mention, Atlanta was hell on traffic. She dreaded going up I-75 anywhere near the large city. Come to think of it, I-75 sucked no matter if you were near Tampa or Valdosta or Atlanta. There was construction at every mile marker it seemed and dumbass drivers that didn’t know they weren’t supposed to brake on the interstate. Hence, the lack of traffic lights and stop signs.

Thank you was on the tip of her tongue, but it wasn’t enough to convey what he’d brought to her life in the months she’d known him. He saved her from that too with his next words.

“It’s okay, Caroline. Nothing needs to be said.”

He stepped back and hooked his thumbs in his waistband. She drove out of the driveway and turned at the street just as she had for the last twenty years. Only difference was she wouldn’t be coming back. On the upside, she was getting exactly what she’d wanted all along after her divorce. On the downside, she’d met Buck in the midst of it all and the large stone sitting in the middle of her chest making it hard to breathe reminded her of something more she wanted but hadn’t dared hope for. A second chance at love, kinky love, hot and delicious in blue jeans.

Her heart skipped a beat when her cell phone rang. It wasn’t him.

End Snippet

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