Happy Saturday! Well, we’ve made it through a week of daylight savings time and I must say most days this week have really started off sucky. I’ve been drinking more coffee in the mornings than I did last week. 
Anyway, today’s snippet is about family. I have a couple books where characters deal with a member of family. 
Family can be both blessing and curse, depending on the situation, however I wouldn’t trade mine for anything. I love them and they’ve always been the most important to me and in one way or another, they’ve always been the most supportive and have loved me inspite of all my flaws. I can always find at least one person in my family to talk to about anything. 

I believe I will pull from Charming Lucy today. I created the relationship between Lucy and Luke to be open. They are all one another has and must depend on and turn to each other for support. The following is an excerpt of Lucy having a discussion with her brother Luke, the morning after she’s been with Kaspar and Anthony.

“You’re hard to get a hold of it when you don’t want to be found.”

Lucy sighed, seeing her big brother Luke sitting on the front stoop of her townhouse. Just what she didn’t need. “Why were you looking for me? I’m off tonight.”

“I need you cover for me.”

“What? No. No way, Luke. I’ve had a…well, a damned long night and I’m not in the mood to spend this one down at the club dealing with a bunch of drunk, horny assholes.”

“Whoa. You are in a mood. What happened?”

She was in a mood. She was annoyed and frustrated. Part of the reason was that Kasper had taken back the gift he’d brought her. The rest of the reason was clearly escaping her because she couldn’t figure out why she was being so testy, but she couldn’t deny the feelings either. Something in her had changed from the time she passed out last night and when she woke up just a few hours ago.

“I don’t know. I can’t explain it.”

“They didn’t hurt you, did they?”

Lucy’s jaw dropped open and she was sure that her eyes were huge. “You knew I was with them? Both of them?”

“Yes.” He looked away from her, at their surroundings. It was a quiet morning.  “Maybe we should take the conversation inside?”

For a second, Lucy thought to continue the conversation right there in front of the building, but really, the last thing she needed was one of her neighbors asking questions about her personal life. Not many people would be happy knowing that the manager of a strip club lived in the fancy complex. “Do you know about them?” she whispered as she moved past him to unlock the door.

“That they…That they’re…Yes. I know.”

She turned around to look at him. “How long have you known?”

“Since I introduced them. I sorta set them up. I knew for a fact Kas was bi, but…it became so much more than just the fling I had thought they’d have.”

“And me? How long have you known I was seeing Kasper?”

“Since the beginning.”

“And you didn’t say anything?” She walked into the foyer and hung her purse on the hook beside the door. Luke followed her in and closed the door behind him.

“What did you want me to say, sis? You were screwing one of my best friends and one of the club’s partners and suppliers. I didn’t care so long as you didn’t get hurt and so long as it didn’t hurt the club.”

She couldn’t argue with him. There really was nothing for him to say. They had been taking care of themselves for longer than either of them cared to think about. “You’re right, I’m sorry. I fell for him the moment he touched me.”

“He says the same thing and so I’m confused. What’s wrong?”

“Well, for starters, you could have told me he was bi.”

“Wait. You didn’t just find out about the two of them, did you?”

 “Yeah. Last night. Kasper said he had a surprise for me, and sure enough…”

 “Damn, honey, I’m so sorry. I thought you knew about them. Hell, I thought you were already sleeping with them.”



“You make it sound like I’m some sort of slut that sleeps with multiple guys all the time.”

“No, I don’t. Lucy, c’mon. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“For your information,” she said, poking a finger into his chest. “Last night was the first time I have ever been with two men at the same time. And it was damn good. Oh my God, it was the most incredible sex.” And immediately, she deflated. She laid her head on her brother’s shoulder and snuggled closer when he wrapped his arms around her.

“If it was so incredible, Luce, then why are you acting like this? Why did you leave? When I called over there, Tony didn’t know where you were.”

Lucy just shook her head against Luke’s chest and cried. Why the hell she was crying, she didn’t know that either. At the moment, she felt like a complete idiot since she didn’t seem to know what was wrong with her, didn’t know why she’d left while they were sleeping, didn’t know why she avoided their calls to her cell phone as she drove home, and didn’t know why she was the last one to know anything.

“I think I love him,” she said softly, between sniffles.



“And Tony?”

“I think I will. Hell, I think I’m already in love with him. Which is so bad.”

“Why is it bad? Damn sis, will you please start making sense?”

Lucy pushed away from him and wiped her eyes. “I’d never noticed him as more than a friend to all of us. I’d never thought of him in that way and then yesterday, I practically jumped him in my office and last night…God.”

“Tony has always noticed you. Lucy. He’s wanted you and waited for you for these past few months. And although this is really awkward for me being that they’re both men, they’re both friends of mine, they’re both men…”

“Yes, you’ve mentioned that. Anything else?”

“Well, it’s one thing to know there’s one guy screwing your sister, but it’s quite another thing to know that there’s two guys screwing her.”

“Oh please. How many women have you shared with your buddies including Kasper and Tony? How many women have you gone to bed with at one time?”

“Yeah, and it’s just been sex. Lucy, they want you. A relationship between the three of you. It is a little weird, a little odd. I mean, you’re my little sister. I’m supposed to protect you from the perverts and kinky bastards out there, but there’s nothing I can do about this. They want you and given the way we grew up with no love, no affection, I think they are the best thing for you. And just for the record, I really didn’t need to know all this.”

She smiled and agreed. “Maybe.”

“Now, about tonight?”

“Sure, I’ll cover for you. Which means you need to leave so I can get some more sleep.”

Luke kissed her on the forehead and walked out. She stood there staring at the door. Now what, she thought?

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