Ever had one of those ‘oh my bad’ moments? Yes of course you have. WE have ALL had one of those moments. A lot of us have had more than one of those moments.

But that’s what the snippet is about today… One of those moments.

My for shame moment, oops my bad moment is in the middle of the snippet.


Blue lifted her head just as suddenly as she’d laid it down. “What?”

“I do. I have since that night in Savannah, too. It happened before we even hit the hotel room. I knew I was a goner the second you laughed I was even happy about it. For the first time in years, I wanted someone. You. If I hadn’t thought for sure you felt it too, I’d have never taken you to bed. There was something different about you and me and how I felt. It had been a long time and it blindsided me. In a good way. I didn’t question it. I just went for it.”

Blue’s heart sank. “And then I left.”

Cort nodded. “And then you left.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Why what?”

“Why wouldn’t you have taken me to bed?”

“One-night stands have never been my style. Even these last few years, the women… I was in relationships with them. Sex only, but we were always exclusive.”

“That’s why you didn’t wish ours had been a normal one.” She pressed her forehead to his. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

He looked up from under his lashes. He stared at her so long she wasn’t sure he was going to say anything else or accept her apology. She did genuinely feel bad about leaving, and she could even put the argument out there that it had hurt her just as much to leave him as it seemed to have hurt him.

“I th–“

“Hey, B!”

Blue dropped her head to Cort’s shoulder again and groaned as the front door slammed open and shut. Neil.

“I brought your car back and thought we could–Oh! Oh my.”

“Go away, Neil,” she said without picking her head up.

“Right. Gone.”

“No, it’s all right,” Cort interjected. He nudged Blue backward a little, a deep red flush staining his cheeks. His cum was sticky as their abs slid apart.

She looked at him, reluctant to let the moment end, to let things go unsaid and unfinished yet again, but the resolve and shuttered look in his eyes told her things between them would have to wait. She scooted off his lap, and he was up and out of the kitchen before she could say anything.

“B, I’m sorry. I didn’t think y’all would be…” Neil said from the other side of the kitchen wall.

Blue stuck her head around the corner and dragged him closer by the sleeve. “You still could have knocked. You saw his truck out there. You’re not an idiot. What was happening was exactly what all of you were hoping would happen. Only sex didn’t solve or resolve anything.”

He screwed up his face in a look of pitiful disgust. “Not as good as you remembered it being, huh?”

Blue sighed and walked around him to clear the table. She dropped the empty beer bottles in the recycle bin that was built under one of the corners of the counter, then proceeded to wash the coffee mugs and French press. A smile crossed her lips as she remembered how awful that coffee had been.

“It was better than I remembered it being,” she said softly.

Have a good weekend and Neil, is nothing short of a menace… I love him.


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