Merry Christmas! To those that celebrate it. To those that don’t, Happy Holidays, Happy Saturday, etc…

Today’s theme is, appropriate, don’t you think? Holiday. I am not going to be original with this. I am going to choose a snippet from Arrested Holiday. You knew that was coming though, didn’t you? Yeah… I can be quite predictable from time to time.



“Why Holiday?”


He kept his smile out of sight. He’d caught her staring again. He couldn’t remember the last time a woman had stared at him so much. It was nice, more than nice. It was hot, and it made his cock swell. Not for the first time in the last thirty hours either, give or take a few minutes. “Your name is Holiday. Why were you named that?”

“Oh. It was my dad’s kooky idea that I be named Holiday to inspire joy all year round since I was conceived sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

“You’ve told that story thousands of times, haven’t you?”

“It seems like it. Why? Can you tell by the tone of my voice and my impatient huffing and puffing?”

She laughed, but she was right. Her tone reflected how she felt about it.

“Do you dislike the holiday season?”

“No. It’s actually very profitable for me.” She paused for a few moments before continuing. “I sound very cynical, I know. I loved the holidays as a child, and when I grew up…it’s not that they didn’t mean anything anymore, it was just…I got tired of spending all but the actual day of or day before or day after alone.”

“You don’t now?”

“No. I don’t. I am booked solid from the day after Thanksgiving through seven p.m. on Christmas Eve. I make roughly a third of my income in those four weeks. I’m always busy.”

“What about after?”

“There’re New Year’s parties, Super Bowl parties, Valentine’s Day parties. There are weddings and birthdays and all sorts of events that people hire decorators for. I have a business partner that works with me, and I hire people as I need them, usually college kids looking for a way to make a little extra money.”

“So you’re always working?”

“Yes. Always working. I take this one week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve off. And this year, I hit the jackpot. I’m in jail.”

Despite the fact that she seemed to enjoy what she’d chosen to do for a living, Michael got the distinct impression she wasn’t exactly happy. He could understand that. He spent a lot of time alone. He was single, lived by himself, ate by himself. The only time he went out was when a few of his friends could get from under their wives’ thumbs long enough to have a night out.

Oh, he knew not every married couple was like that, but most of his friends were. He didn’t want to live like that and preferred being on his own as opposed to having a harp on his ass all the time.

Then again, meeting Holli — by fate or accident — talking to her, taking care of her as best as the circumstances would allow, he wondered if perhaps he hadn’t grown a bit cynical as well over the last few years. He saw what his friends went through when they tried to go out, but he also saw their happiness when they were with their kids and — most of them — with their wives. They had someone to go home to, someone to share a bit about their day with, someone to sleep with.

“What’s the smirk for?”

Michael tried to school his features but ended up laughing instead. “I was just thinking about my friends and how they’re all married, and my family is scattered all over. I always volunteer to work the holidays because I don’t want to spend them alone and have nothing better to do. I’m tired of my friends’ wives trying to set me up with what’s left of their single friends.”

“You don’t want a girlfriend?”

Yeah, I actually think I might. Are you free? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you want a boyfriend? “I haven’t given it much thought lately. I guess I just want to meet someone on my own, as far as that goes, and even then…” He shook his head. “It’s more than about being alone during Thanksgiving and Christmas, you know? It’s more than just having a date with someone, and I’m far past the point of just settling for a semiwarm body. I’d rather be alone than –”

“Than to settle,” she said, nodding her agreement. “I know. Don’t get me wrong. I love my family and I still spend Thanksgiving with them every year, but…” She shrugged. “I don’t have a boyfriend. I haven’t had one in a couple of years. My family and friends try to set me up too. Quite unsuccessfully, I might add. Odd as it may seem, given my bit of cynicism, I’m the romantic. I don’t want a bunch of dates. I want one. One very long date with a guy I choose and connect with.” She shrugged again. “So I do know that it’s about more than spending the holidays alone.”

And he really believed she did. She blushed as she talked, and he found himself understanding, sympathizing, empathizing, and wanting her more by the second. She wanted a guy she chose. She wanted a very long date with a guy of her choosing. He could give her that, at least for a few days. He could give her the connection because there was something more between them than just police officer and speeder, more than just lust between a guy and a hot woman he’d picked up.

She reached out and touched his arm. The hairs on the back of his neck stood at attention — as did his cock — at the innocent contact. His eyes met hers, and she smiled. Michael was done for.

“Thank you, by the way.”


“For taking me home with you.” Another flush of red crept up her neck. Any more and she was going to look like she had a sunburn in the middle of winter.” Well, what I mean is, for taking me… Crap. Just…thank you.”

She was cute when she stammered like that. He wondered if she blushed that same shade of red in other places.

The thought ought to have surprised him, but given that they’d spent virtually every minute together since he brought her in, it didn’t. He was fairly easygoing and easy to accept things when they felt right. This with her, this desire and want, felt right.

“You’re welcome.”

“When can we, uh…when can we go?”

And now she wouldn’t look at him. Even more cute. For all her fire and staring and flirting, she was a bit shy making small talk. He liked the contrast and honestly hadn’t seen it in a woman in a long time. Usually the ones he met up with were full of fire all the time, burning everything in their path, or they were too shy to even look him in the eyes. This one did both.

“Soon. C’mon. I’ll take you to go get your coat and other belongings.” He got up and gestured for her to follow him.

“Where’s my car?”

“The impound lot. I can’t let you have it yet.”


She shrugged as she caught up to him, and it lifted her breasts just a fraction of an inch. It was enough. They were full behind the bra and T-shirt she wore. He’d allowed her to change clothes yesterday. Once. And he’d turned his back, counted to a million forward and backward so he wouldn’t think about the fact that the most adorable, curvaceous woman, who made his palms itch and his dick ache, was naked. Behind bars and naked. Cold and naked. Naked and…naked.

He could only imagine what she looked like out of her jeans and sweaters and long-sleeved T-shirts. She hadn’t dressed in the latest fashions but rather for a road trip. She’d dressed for comfort, and he wanted to do nothing more than sink into that comfort, into her soft, lush body and stay there for days, weeks, months… If he stocked the pantry, they could stay holed up for a year or so.

He laughed at his foolish thoughts. He was tired, hungry, and fucking horny for a woman he barely knew. He also felt bad for the predicament she was in. She was at fault for speeding, but someone else was at fault for the clerical error.

On one hand, Michael would like to wring the neck of that little twerp. On the other, he’d like to shake the man’s hand and buy him a beer.

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Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


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