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We all need someone to lean on once in a while. Some of us need to lean on someone a lot more than once in a while. And some of us try very hard NOT to lean on anyone at all EVER. I think that’s sad. There’s nothing wrong with needing some support, needing someone to help shoulder the burden, needing someone you can count on to be there for you. I truly value and treasure those people. Sometimes they are old friends and sometimes they’re new friends and you wonder how you ever got along without them…

There are even some friends who know us better than we know ourselves and make us lean on them, even when we don’t want to…


Bailey needed to bake, to play. It helped her forget, to cope through tough times.

Half a bag of powdered sugar later, along with half a pound of butter, some vanilla, and cream, she was feeling pretty good. Aidn hadn’t crossed her mind but three or four hundred times. Surely, that was some sort of improvement.

She didn’t hear the phone until she’d turned off the mixer. “Hello?” she said absently into the cell phone that she dug out of her pocket, spreading sugar dust everywhere on her jeans. Great.

“What are you doing Saturday night?”

“Hmmmm? And hello to you, too. Saturday night? Nothing that I know of, why?”

“Want to go to Abyss?”

“Oh, no. No, I don’t.” She ran her finger along the inside of the bowl, scooping up some frosting.

“Come on. You haven’t been out of the house in two weeks.”

“Of course I have. I’ve been in the bakery and it’s been really busy. Weddings and all that, you know.”

“That’s not all you’ve been doing. You’re moping over that guy and eating icing.”

Bailey wiped off the mound of icing on her finger. “I am not moping over anyone. I have been working. A lot.” And yes, eating icing. Lots and lots of it. And feeling guilty for it and feeling sad that he left and strangely motivated at the same time to work harder, create more. Anything at all really to keep from thinking about him. He touched what she’d always known was there, what she’d been hiding inside herself… Bailey stuck her tongue out at the phone in a defiant, childish gesture and refused to give him another thought…for at least the next five minutes.

“You’re going Saturday night.”

“No, really, Jen, I don’t want to go. Maybe next time.” In about ten years.

“No. I’m buying your ticket today and I’ll be by to get you at 8:30 on Saturday night.”

“I don’t want to go.”

“I don’t care. We’re going. You need to get over that. It was one day. And only for a few hours at that. Nothing to still be thinking about.”

“You don’t understand.” Her voice sounded weak and wimpy. She hated that.

“I do understand. I’ve had one-night stands before.

He was different. I know he was only a one-time thing. I knew that the moment he asked me to…but… God, Jen, he was different.”

“I know, B. Has he tried to see you again?”

Bailey laughed sardonically. “No, of course not?”

“We need to go out, have a few drinks, flirt a little.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“I do. I’ll pick you up on Saturday night. Dress sexy. Gotta go.” And with that, Jen was gone. Bailey looked at the phone before hanging it up. So much for her objections, but Jen was just trying to help.

She put the cell phone back in her pocket and finished adding color to the frosting. Turning on the mixer, she watched the color shift and weave through the pure white buttercream, getting lost in the swirling of the paddle. Damn. She turned off the machine. The pink wasn’t the right shade. What she had in her head was pale, just a hint of color, but enough that one could tell it was pink and not white.

Oh well. She’d try again later. It was her personal project, to perfect the shade of the frosting. It would look incredible on her chocolate fudge cake. The consistency was perfect, not too sweet, not too heavy, but light and fluffy, whipped butter and cream.

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