Well, here we are again on Saturday with snippets. As you can tell from the title, we’re screwing someone. And it might not be in the best possible way. No, today’s theme is entirely ‘Screw You! (Break-ups)’.

Now, I have it on good fellow author authority that I have ‘the best break up scene ever’…her words, not mine. Y’all will never find me saying a book of mine is awesome or that I think you’ll love it or that it’s the best ever. I’m just not that kind of personality. It makes me feel weird. I love my books, I have my faves among my books, and I HOPE my readers will love them, too.

So, on to the snippet and where it’s coming from today.

Simple Need. Yep, gotta use that one. I might have to use a couple different snippets of it for you to get the idea, one of which will be X-Rated. If you don’t want to continue on at that point…

The break-up doesn’t actually happen in the book. It’s happened before the book starts. It’s the reason for the book, for the heroine to be in the bar in the first place.

Snippet #1:

He reached out and stroked the back of her hand that was wrapped around the empty glass. “Going home alone?”

Would you like to come home with me? “Yes, alone.”

“Hmmm. That doesn’t sound like fun at all. Tell ya what. Why don’t you let me buy you another drink and you can fill me in on why it’s been such a long day. I’m a pretty good listener.”

He had a deliciously, well-defined mouth and Elise wanted to let her lips fall down on his. His voice rolled over her like a warm blanket, soft and comfortably deep. “The guy I’d been seeing ended things today. I got the text message at lunch.”

“Text message? You serious? Dumbass man.”

She tried not to smile but couldn’t help it. It was just a small smile, but nonetheless he answered her with one of his own and she swore her pussy melted in her jeans.

“No. I was the dumbass in this one. I really did know better and now, well, hindsight is twenty-twenty.” She shrugged and the bartender chose that moment to set another rum and Coke in front of her. The smell of the alcohol made her feel lightheaded. Whoa. She didn’t need to drink it, she could just inhale it. Instead of calling a cab, she would be sleeping on the floor beneath the stool she sat on.

“What did you know better about?”

“Trust me, you don’t want to know.” She took a small sip of her new drink. The rum burned going down and it felt good. Tattoo man would feel better, but…

“I do.”

“He was married.”

“Oh. Yeah, that’s never good. Are you?”

“Am I what? Good? Yes.”

He grinned at her and heat flooded her cheeks. She had no idea where that teasing, suggestive comment had come from, but she liked it, liked that she made him grin. He was devastating to look at.

“Mmmm. I’ll give you a chance to prove it later. Are you married?”

She shook her head. “No, I’m not.”

“Then why waste your time on a man who is?”

She never would have if she’d known. Where were all the damn warning signs? “I didn’t know he was married. See, that’s me being the dumbass. He gave all his numbers, his address. There were never any restrictions on communication or seeing one another.” And there hadn’t been. She could call him whenever, though she always let him call her. She’d never been one who could chase a man, even one she was dating. She could see him every night, every day. He’d introduced her to people he worked with, friends he hung out with. There had been nothing that she could remember, and she’d been racking her brain all afternoon trying to figure out, trying to jog her memory, trying to find something that would have hinted that there was a Mrs. But there was nothing.

“When did you find out?”

“In his text message. He said he was going back to his wife.” And there it was all over again…the shock, the humiliation at having gotten involved with a married man without having realized it. There hadn’t even been a tan line on his ring finger. She’d looked. Going back obviously meant that he’d been separated from his wife, but still…

She lowered her head and laid her forehead on the bar. That twinge inside her gut, that complete lack of understanding at how her character judgments had become so flawed, gnawed at her. She used to be able to read people, guys especially, mainly because she watched more than she talked. What had happened that she couldn’t choose a guy anymore who was worth anything, who wasn’t a loser? What had happened to her once-upon-a-time, never-let-her-down intuition?

Snippet #2

“Sorry it took me so long, you know, in the shower and all. I checked my cell after I got out and had a few voice mails and missed calls.” She buttered her waffles and poured less than half the amount of syrup over them that he had. The first bite was heaven and she moaned around the chewing of it. Vanilla, citrus flavors, and something else she couldn’t figure out burst in her mouth, but it was likely the best waffle she’d ever had. It had slight crunch on the outside, but was soft and fluffy on the inside. He really was good at this.

“No problem. Everything okay?”

He spoke around a mouthful of waffles and damn if she didn’t find that sexy about him, too. Everything he did only made her want him more. She wanted to have lunch with him, drink a beer with him, watch a game on television curled up next to him. She wanted to spend time with him and she wondered at that, given that she’d just been dumped. Was she trying to replace one person with another? As she looked at him, she dismissed the idea as absurd. She wasn’t replacing her old lover with Vinter, she was simply following her gut.

Her gut. It was finally speaking to her. About fucking time, too.

“Yeah. They were from…him.”

“Dumbass.” He muttered the word under his breath as he took another bite of waffles, this time with a bite of bacon as well.

She just smiled at his comment and continued eating her own breakfast. With each subsequent bite, her opinion about the waffles didn’t change. Would he share the recipe? Would he trade for it? She’d be willing to perform any sexual favor for him in exchange for it. She smiled inwardly at the thought. Doing anything sexual for him or with him was reward enough, waffle recipe or no waffle recipe.

“Why did he call?”

She caught a bit of syrup on the tip of her tongue that was about to fall from the end of her fork. “Wanted to talk. Said he felt bad about how things ended.”

“From what you said, things didn’t end, he ended them. And he should feel bad. He deserves to have his sorry ass kicked. You don’t break up with a woman in a text message. That’s just fucking cowardly.”

As he spoke, his hands had fisted, one around the fork, the other on his thigh. Tension floated off his body in waves.

Snippet #3:

Amid their grunts and groans and incoherent words, her cell phone rang. Vinter never stopped moving inside her, never let up. When she didn’t answer by the fifth ring, it stopped, only to start up again. “It’s okay. Get it.”

“No. Ignore it.”

Again, after the fifth ring it went silent for a few seconds before it started again. She did reach for it this time and he admired the smooth line of her body. She might be a heavier girl, but she was all grace and flexibility.

“Who is it?”

She sighed. He knew the answer before she spoke. “It’s him.”

Second ring. “Answer it.”

“I don’t want to.”

Third ring. “Go on or give it to me and I’ll answer.”


Fourth ring. He pulled his cock and fingers out until just the ring and just the tips of his fingers remained inside. “Answer or you won’t get my dick back.”

“Meanie.” She flipped it open in the middle of the fifth ring. “Hello.”

Vinter shoved his fingers into her hard enough that she yelped. He grinned.

“What? Oh yes, I’m busy.”

She sure as hell was. He slowly finger-fucked her ass.

“None of your business.”

Her voice sounded strange even to his ears. It was constricted in her throat and she was struggling.

“I haven’t been home since yesterday afternoon. I’ve been out with a…friend.”

Friend indeed. He wanted to be so much more than her friend and at times when she looked at him, when she watched him, he got the impression she wanted to be more than his friend as well. He pulled his fingers back out until just the very tips were breaching her hole, then shoved his cock deep inside her sex, making her gasp out a yes.

“I…I told you I’m…busy.”

As he slid out, she dropped her hips slightly. When he slid back in, she lifted them, her cunt swallowing him whole. They did this a few times while she supposedly listened to the man on the other end of the phone. Vinter could hear his voice, but couldn’t make out what he was saying. He wasn’t sure Elise knew what he was saying either.

“You want to know what I’m doing? It’s none of your business anymore. You broke up with me, remember? Oh and let’s not forget the part about you being married and going back to your wife.”

Vinter picked up the pace, fucked her hard and fucked her deep. He wanted her to come while her ex was on the line. He wanted the man to know that he could never have her back, no matter how much he begged and pleaded and apologized. He wanted to ruin her for anyone else.

End of snippets.

So, ummm… yeah. My girl Elise really was telling her ex… Screw You!

Now, it’s time for you have a good Saturday. It’s time for me to get back to writing and for us to leave Vinter and Elise to doing what they do best. Don’t forget to stop and catch the snippets from my fellow authors listed below…

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