…to the end of this book, I can taste it. It and the warm whole wheat chocolate chip cookie bowl I’m devouring as I write this.

This week I’ve done a guest blog and an interview over at Under the Covers Book Blog. They’re celebrating 500 followers and if you haven’t been over there, go take a peek.

Next week I’ll be doing another guest blog, this time over at Shameless Romance Reviews. Again, go take a peek.

I have to thank the women at both of these blogs for inviting me, especially Ann and Dee. For an author that hasn’t put out a book in many months, one tends to get treated a little different  or not at all, so being invited to guest blog has… Well, I’m just happy to have been thought of. I am grateful that my readers have stuck with me, some with great patience, some with not great patience.

The majority of my energy this week has been put into finishing Forever In Blue Jeans, though. And running my son to and from baseball camp. While he’s playing, I’ve been spending the mornings writing in an awesome local, little coffee shop called Summit Coffee. I’m only a few thousand words away from the end and I’m anxious to get there.

I’m not putting out as many books, not finishing as many as I did last year. However, I am writing longer books. Twisted Up is 50+K and once it goes through edits will be added to, I’m sure. Forever In Blue Jeans is slated to be around 55K. In terms of last year, that would be have been the equivalent of 3 or 4 books combined. I’m liking my writing now. I think it’s stronger. And most asked for longer books so once I started writing again, I decided that I would try to make that a goal. I don’t think it’s been a conscious thing though when it’s actually come to the writing. I think it’s just happened and worked out that way.

Anyway, I wanted to take a moment before bed to touch base and say hello, let you know I haven’t forgotten you! I hope all of you are having a great week and staying as cool as possible.


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