Over the next few days you’ll be seeing me and thirteen other incredible authors talking about a new writing adventure that we’re on… It’s been super secret up to now, but this week we’ve been able to talk about it…


Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?

Do you like the banner above? Does it make you curious? Have you read Eliza Gayle’s Southern Shifters series, yet? If not, why?

AllSixBooksSouthernShifters(Click HERE for more information on Eliza’s books)

What I’m talking about is Kindle Worlds. What is it? How does it work? We’ll get to that, but first, how about a cover? Mine…


It’s got a different look and feel than most of the other covers, but it fits my story and my characters within Eliza’s Southern Shifter world.


Big, and built like the bear he is, Gus is one shifter most humans, other shifters, and hybrids steer clear of; unless he’s got the ink out. Then, they line up for the chance to see him work and maybe, just maybe, get a little ink of their own. He’s made a name for himself as a traveling tattoo artist, but he’s a loner and his only rule is to never stay any place long enough to learn names.

But then, he sees her…

Bex is alone now. No family since her mother passed. Few people she would call friend. And she’s just sold the last remaining link to her childhood. None of it seems real and yet, it’s all too much reality for her. She wants to start her new life and she wants out of her small hometown.

Her way out comes in the form of a broad shouldered werebear on a bike, offering take her anywhere she wants to go, even if it means going over the infamous Dragon mountain pass and through territory that isn’t always friendly to his kind.

She’s never been on a motorcycle. She’s never been this close to a shifter. She’s never done anything reckless. Can she trust him to keep her safe? More importantly, can she trust herself and her feelings when she climbs on and wraps herself around him?

This and 13 other original stories created within Eliza’s Southern Shifter world will be available from Kindle Worlds, on Tuesday, March, 11th.

To learn more about the authors participating and to get in on the fun, the teasers, the covers, the blurbs, and the inspiration for it all, please visit the following links:


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Southern Shifters Kindle Worlds Public Launch Facebook Event


Hashtag for Twitter: #SouthernShiftersKW


Southern Shifters Kindle Worlds on Pinterest


What is Kindle Worlds? I’m glad you’re still curious… To be honest, I never really cared much for the idea of fanfiction and I kind of looked at Amazon from the corner of my eye wondering WTF! when they first announced Kindle Worlds. From there, I never paid it any attention. Until I was approached by Eliza Gayle and invited to help her launch her very own Kindle World through Amazon. Of course, I said yes. Who wouldn’t say yes to a different opportunity? To a new take on how a story is written? To be part of something special like this?

So, for the last few weeks, I’ve been writing two different books for two different projects and this is one of those. I am enjoying it immensely and I can’t wait for you to read all these original tales that will take place in Eliza’s Southern Shifter world.

Please click HERE for more information on Kindle Worlds. I’ll also be posting this information on my blog tomorrow and in a Newsletter!

Now, back to formatting! 🙂




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