I’m currently sitting on my back porch. The sun is out, the sky is as clear as it could possibly be, the temperature is just barely 70, and it’s so so so quiet.

I try to sit outside as often as possible spring through autumn. In the middle of summer that amounts to a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evenings because once the sun is up, it’s like hell here in the South.

The trees are turning green, a few things are starting to bloom, and the mountains are calling in the distance. Although, the mountains are always calling.

My cats love the porch, too. They often lay on their sides so the sun can warm their bellies.

This is my favorite part of the house. This screened in porch off the dining room. I think often about laying blankets on the floor and sleeping out here. I’ve been known to lay my head back in the chair and close my eyes only to find myself waking up thirty minutes later.

These are the days I long for and look forward to. The days I can settle on the porch with a cold brew coffee or an iced latte, a magazine or book or my laptop.

I am grateful for this, for what I have right here. I have big dreams and big goals that may at some point take me away from here, but for now, I am so grateful for calm, sunny, quiet days on the porch.


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