With the holidays and such, I figured what better time than to break out a cover and blurb for a story with truffles in it. grins… Yes, I know, I can be evil, but, at least I’m not posting a truffle recipe…even though I have some really really good ones that I could tempt you with.

Sugar Rush is my first (is going to be my first) release with Loose Id. It is a contemporary male/female erotic romance. Bored now? Lose interest? There’s no kink, no menage, no paranormal or sci-fi or fantasy, it’s just straight male/female. According to my editor though, it’s an awesome hot book, but I think her opinion might be just a little on the biased side.

Why is it? Why is it that unless there’s some other element, like those I listed above, male/female contemporaries don’t do well, as well, incredibly off the charts well? I mean, Harlequin male/female books still do, but in epublishing, those that you find topping charts all over are the male/male, the bdsm clubs, the menages…add in shifters and sci-fi and you’ve got all slots taken. Of course, this is in general and every now and then there’s a different kind of book that runs up the bestseller lists, but it’s rare.

Don’t get me wrong, I read a lot of most of those types of books, though I’ve begun to back off some of them because they’re all starting to sound the same, follow the same cookie cutter outline. I do read straight contemporary when I can find a good one that tickles my curiosity. There just isn’t as much of it to choose from, though, if it’s a cowboy, or military man, yeah, those are all over the place and a lot of them are so yummy.

In the midst of all this, I’m a picky picky reader and your blurb better pull me in or the book better come highly recommended. I love hot yummy covers, and some authors I’ll buy right at the moment their book hits the shelves not caring what the story is about, but that’s just because they’ve proven themselves to me and are a favorite. I want a story that tugs at my core…

This is just an observation based on what I see at most publishers and distributors. Of course, there are definite exceptions to the rules and one day I hope to have that kind of following, but for now, I have to hope to tempt new and current readers with the fact that the heroine in Sugar Rush, Jane, makes truffles.

Here’s the blurb: (It hasn’t been through the blurb guru at Loose Id yet, so don’t shoot me)

Graham is twenty-six and has a dream job as a travel writer. He’s seen some of the most beautiful areas of the country and Colorado and the Rocky Mountains rank high on the list. With his latest article done and the six-month lease almost up on the small cabin in the valley, taking some personal time until moving on to his next assignment. In a downtown Denver bar, Graham meets Edward and after a short conversation agrees to a blind date with Edward’s business partner, Jane.

It couldn’t hurt anything, right?

Jane is completely oblivious to Edward’s machinations and shows up at Graham’s cabin to deliver a box of their handmade spicy chocolate truffles. She falls head over heels in lust the minute he opens the door. Jane isn’t sure what Cowboy Surfer, as she’s dubbed him, sees in her or why he’s so tenacious in his pursuit, but fails in her attempts to throw him off at every turn.

The inability to say continue saying ‘No’ leads to hot, scorching sex and follow-up phone calls full of suggestion, opening Jane’s eyes to the realization that maybe life doesn’t have to revolve around chocolate truffles, but rather around a delicious younger man.

I’m very proud of this book, even though I told my editor yesterday how much I hate it. It’s that whole editing and editing and editing thing that drives me nuts. Some authors have to do very little in the way of editing their books, and some, like me, have to basically rewrite the whole damn thing all the way through proofs.

This is my second longest book and for that reason alone I am proud of it. No, it’s not even 40K, but it is longer than 10K, 20K and that is an accomplishment for me. My next book with Loose Id, of which you will be hearing about in the next week or so for a naming contest I intend to have for it, is almost 50K. I have learned a lot writing these longer books. One, it takes longer, and two, it takes a lot more out of me and I end up putting a lot more of me into the books, and three, I am OCD. grins… I am perfection incarnate. Yes, they might take forever to edit, but, even that is less because of my editor and more because of my need for it to be perfect and whole.

Sugar Rush will *hopefully* release in late January 2010 and I’ll soon post an excerpt for you to read. Have a great Tuesday! Got all your shopping done? grins…


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