Speeds are rather slow at the moment. Slow, but not relaxing. It’s been a rough few days in my house. Work on the next book hasn’t taken place save for scenes here and there written in Evernote. Instead, I’ve been working on keeping as much of my home germ and illness free as I can (though if DH and DD would stay in one place and not move around and touch everything, it would be easier). I’ve also been working out existing story lines in my head, working out new story lines for the future, trying to figure out what my marketing and promo strategy is for the rest of the year, and listening to some podcasts.

There’s that multi-tasking thing… Again.

There are things coming that you’ll like, things some of you are waiting for, and some things that will be a little different.


My Facebook page has grown a little and there’s a bit of interaction on it lately and I’m thrilled about that. If you haven’t liked the Page, click HERE to do so now! There’s also now a Facebook group for you to join, too. Lissa Matthews’ Book Break! Reader led discussions are the purpose, so once we have readers in it, y’all can chat to your heart’s content about whatever floats your boat!

There was a proud mama moment involving my son. He wrote his first blog post this week. I helped him set up a blog (all sports related) and with about 99% no mom help, he wrote and published his first post. I was so proud. I did offer some grammatical instruction, but that was it. The rest was all on him. This is hands on learning. This is practical, useful information and skill that is relevant to him, his age, his interests, and going forward with what he wants to do in life. He also wants to get into vlogging and gaming videos, too. This is what I love about home schooling and interest led learning.

In sports, Adam Scott missed a cut in a golf tournament this weekend. It’s the first one he’s missed in over a year. I was bummed. Notre Dame won the ACC basketball tournament last night. I was more than bummed. I can’t stand them and part of it, is their picking and choosing of conference play. I have a problem with teams who only want to be in conferences for some sports, but not fully committed in all sports. If they want to be part of the ACC, then they should be ALL in, even in football…

That being said, football is only like 5 months away…

The Master’s Golf Tournament is only a month away. I’ll be glued to the television for 4 days watching it. Again, I really, really, really want to write a golf series. (adds to the to-write list)

March Madness has started and brackets will be filled out in the next day. Will we all have our brackets tanked after the first round again this year? I hope not. I’ll definitely be more mindful in my choices, though, it’s pretty certain that whatever team I choose, the other will win. This is how my picking of teams and drivers and golfers has gone since the bowl games in college football back in December.

Finally, the Nascar boys (not my driver because he’s still at home recovering) are racing in Phoenix this weekend. So far, it’s been the Kevin Harvick – Joey Logano show. If it keeps up like this, I’ll only be mildly paying attention. The cars are more cookie cutter. They real race is the strategy, the mind of the crew chief, the speed of the pit crew, the tricks they have up their sleeves, the corners they can cut without being caught… Yes, the drivers have incredible talent, and it’s in part up to them to win, to stay clean, to keep the car out of trouble, to communicate well, but it’s become more about the cunning smarts of the crew chief and the set up of the car. Given the way things are going at this point, there will only be two drivers in the Chase at the end of 26 weeks.

Oh, and speaking of time tables… There’s only 23 days left until my next book release.


Have a great Sunday, y’all…


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