I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in days and I am so sorry. I have been a bit busy though, in my defense.

My mom is visiting for a couple of weeks. And yes, I said a couple of weeks. That’s a long time. My mom isn’t one of those quiet moms. No, mine is always wanting to do something…whether it’s fix something, clean something, build or take apart something, go places, etc… She wants to do, not sit. This isn’t a good thing for me at times. Well, not much at all considering that I have a job that requires me to sit on my butt and crank out words. Y’all like it when I’m writing. Y’all like it when I meet my deadlines and am able turn in books on time. Grins… Not to mention the non-writing parts of the business that I need to do. I have learned how important it is to maintain a consistent presence online, to keep talking, to keep responding, to keep myself ‘virtually’ visible.

So, these two weeks should be very interesting. In the times, she’s come to visit before, it’s not been so pressing, the deadlines and other obligations. And don’t misunderstand…though it drives me nuts to have to go and go and go and it stresses me to the point of wine and happy pills, I love my mom and I do enjoy spending time with her and I want to spend time with her, visit with her.

The Nascar races are in Charlotte this month and is the reason for her visit, aside from me and my family. Both my kids have birthdays in May as well. My mom came early this year because my daughter went to her first prom last night. If I believed in putting my kids pictures online for all to see, I’d show y’all, but… So, you just have to take my word for it that my daughter looked amazingly beautiful. For a girl that wears neon green Converse, jeans, off the wall tee-shirts, her hair in headbands, and semi-permanent scowl on her face, she was gorgeous. I did her hair and her make up and I can’t even express how much that meant to me to be the one she trusted with it. She wore a floor length black chiffon gown, black gladiator heels, and pewter colored bangle bracelets and matching necklace. She looked in the mirror and was so shocked at the transformation and I just couldn’t believe how incredibly beautiful she looked. She’s always been beautiful to me, but…wow!

Her date didn’t look too bad either…grins.

So…about the cover that I mention in the title of the blog today. It is an independent cover. I don’t have a book written for it yet and it will likely be a self-published book when I do get it written, but when I saw the cover on the artist’s website, I fell in love with the cover, the title, the subtitle, etc… and emailed the artist immediately and asked if it was still available. She said yes and the rest is…as they say, history.

The artist is Amanda Kelsey. The company is Razzle Dazzle Design. The cover is:

Do y’all see why I fell in love with it? Love and Tattoos! Pain and Pleasure Go Hand In Hand!

The ideas are already forming for the books. Yes, I said books. I’m considering two short stories to go with this cover. And I say self-published because I don’t believe any of my publishers, Samhain, Ellora’s Cave, or Loose Id will let me use a cover that’s not been made by one of their staff artists. And that’s fine. I’ll give self-publishing a try. I have some other short short pieces that I am hoping to re-work this summer to be self-published.

Anyway, I wanted to share this cover with y’all! I should have the cover for my shifter book soon as well. I’ve already seen a mock-up of it and Oh My God, it’s GORGEOUS! I love it. I can’t wait to show it all over the place.

In other news, if y’all haven’t been over to Coffee Time Romance and the Spring Showers Promo with Samhain, you should! There are some very awesome excerpts and some very awesome prizes being given.

I wrote my first blog over at Samhain on Friday and was totally nervous! It’s about blogging and if you’d like to read it, it’s here.

The readers that I’ve heard from on my Loose Id book, Stick Shift, have loved it! I am thrilled with that. Hell, I’m always thrilled to hear from readers.

And, my new website is under construction by the fabulous Emma from Designs by Emma. I can’t wait to see it and I can’t to show all of you.

I think that’s all for now. I am headed off to take care of some laundry and to write a bit. Rosie and Decker from my next Blue Jeans and Hard Hats book, Cracklin’ Rosie are getting really impatient!

Y’all have a great Sunday!


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