10K Weekends for Writers – November 3-6, 2016

10K WEEKENDS-2-532

Last weekend was a huge bust for me. I didn’t even get half the word count I was aiming for. Strep hit it’s high point with me on Saturday afternoon and didn’t let up for me until Sunday evening. I’m still recovering. I haven’t slept more than 3 hours at a time in a week and a half. This is getting old, people!

I know some people are doing NaNoWriMo this month and if you are one of them, I wish you the very best of luck. I haven’t participated in NaNoWriMo in several years because I never have anything new to start in November. I’m hoping, though, that one year I will.

10K Weekends for Writers is my own challenge that I open up to other authors to come and write and aim for a specific word count: 10,000 words in 4 days. Doesn’t sound like much. Really, it doesn’t. But amid all the goings on on weekends, it can be difficult. I have yet to hit the goal, but I keep trying and that’s at least half the battle. Unless I have strep and an ear infection, then I’m dead before I start.

The book I’m working on this weekend is a holiday book that I’m revising and adding new scenes to. By the time all is said and done, I should have added close to 10K, if not 15K. It’s called Christmas Wishes and I just love it.


So, here’s what you do…

Sign up with the Linky below.

Leave a comment with your starting word count for the weekend and on Sunday evening, come back and leave a comment with your ending word count.

Invite your friends.

Use the hashtag #10kweekendsforwriters on social media.

Blog about it, share this post, etc…

And write…

That’s it. That’s all. It’s painless.

Wanna play?


10K Weekends For Writers – October 27 – 30, 2016

10K WEEKENDS-2-320

I have a book to finish. Down to the wire. A ton of words to write. And strep throat to go along with it. How fun will this be?

You should come join me. Either to lend support or suffer right along side. I’ll be happy with either!

This is for anyone who has words to write and likes to challenge themselves when kids and spouses and family and friends and housework and football and social obligations come calling, yet you still need words on the page! It’s a good way to get ready for NaNoWriMo next week, as well!

Just add your name to the Linky list below. Share the blog post so others can join. Leave a comment listing your starting word count and come back on Sunday night and leave your ending word count. I have yet to make it 10K in a weekend, but I’m always trying.

Don’t forget to use #10Kweekendsforwriters on social media!

Now… Get to writing!


10K Weekends For Writers – October 20-23, 2016

10K WEEKENDS-2-532

Hey y’all!

I gotta tell ya I’m tired of talking to myself! I would do better at this little challenge if someone would come play with me! Anyone interested? I’ll beg, if it’ll help. I’m good at it. Promise.

In all seriousness, it’s time to get writing! 10,000 words in 4 days. Doesn’t sound like much, right? But for some of us, it’s near impossible to get 1000 words in 4 days especially when it’s on a weekend! But, that’s the definition of a challenge. Against whatever your odds… Can you get 10,000 words in a weekend? Can you make progress on that book? That paper? That blog? Come join me and let’s find out!

The rules:

1. Add your name to the Linky list at the bottom of the post.

2. Add a comment with the starting word count of your WIP today and come back on Sunday to add your ending word count for the weekend.

3. Use #10Kweekendsforwriters on social media if you post about it.

4. Spread the word. Invite friends! Add the button from my sidebar over there —> on your site. Share this blog post. Help me get the word out.

5. Write. Your. Ass. Off.



10K Weekends For Writers – October 13-16, 2016

10K WEEKENDS-2-532

It’s that time of week again. Words are needed on the WIP and they don’t write themselves. Really, now. What the hell is up with that?

However, that being the case, since it’s my book, I will need do the writing of the words.

So, the goal is 10,000 words by Sunday night, starting today. That’s 2500 words a day for 4 days. I haven’t hit 10,000 words, yet in a weekend, but I try. You wanna try, too? Sure ya do!

Enter your name in the Linky below. Add a comment with your starting word count then come back on Sunday night and enter your ending word count for the weekend.That’s it.

Tweet and FB and Instagram your participation with #10KWeekendsForWriters

Now, let’s get writing!



10K Weekends For Writers – Sept 29-Oct 2, 2016

10K WEEKENDS-2-532

It’s that time of week again. It’s time to write. Time to challenge yourself (myself) to get 10,000 words in on the WIP. Or 10,000 words total between a couple of WIPs. However you choose to write, 10,000 words is the goal.

You have 4 days. Thursday – Sunday. Sign up with the Linky below. Leave your starting and ending word count in the comments. Use hashtag #10KWeekendsForWriters on social media. And last but not least, Get. To. Writing.


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