Birthday Bash – Cecile Smutty Hussy

My dear friend Lissa asked me to be a part of her Birthday Bash!
And of course I not only said Yes…
I said HELL YEAH!!

I love birthdays! A day to celebrate, eat, drink and just be yourself!
Who could resist a day like that.

But first allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Cecile Smutty Hussy.
I am the Madame of the Hussy Lair
All I Want And More blog!

Now if you follow me even slightly…
You will know that I absolutely love my freaking birthday…
Why you might ask…  Not only for the reasons I mentioned above,
but my birthday is the day before HALLOWEEN!
That’s right, so I have the best excuse to play dress up!

Now Lissa wants us to share memories…
Good or bad…
But for my birthday ~ there is never anything bad.

Now I know you are saying to yourself,
“But Cecile, you have to have had a bad birthday…”
Nope, not on my watch
It is my birthday, it is all about me…
So if you don’t like it… move out my way, lol!

Now these are some of my memories…. All good!

The years of the Smutty Hussy!
The Smutty School Girl
Of course I had to go there!
And it was delightful that year…
Oh this is one year I really loved my cake!
What… I told you I do it big!

Then I was Naughty Goth Girl…
The year I bought my first pair of Platform Thigh High Boots!
I love them!

Ohhhh this was a fun year….

I was the Hussy Housekeeper…
Yep that is me am on my counter top…
I was singing!!!
You should see the other pictures, lmbo!!!

Ohhhh this was the year of
The SmutHuss Cop
I was a very Arresting Officer!

Oh and this past year…
I was Show Girl Smutty Hussy Cecile….
I loved every minute of my first corset!!

Okay, I will give you one “crazy” picture!
I am not drunk in this picture…
If you notice I have a full cup of *cough* drinkable stuff
and I DID NOT dump any!!!
Not even one drop!
But I did have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah, there are more of these…… heheheheheh!!!!

Remember, you only get one birthday.
Whether you like them or not…
They are all about you!
To you Lissa, my dear friend….
I wish you a very happy day.
May it be filled with those delightful presents
Such as…
Floggers, soft ties, playful toys…
Paddles, corsets, things that go Ummmmmm (with batteries)
May you find joy in the things
that make your bottom red and your hussy purr!

Happy Birthday Honey!

Have some cake…

And a drink…

But most of all have one of theses…
What is a Hussy post without some eye candy….

Happy Birthday to you, Lissa!
Love ya honey!

And remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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