My Porn List

According to the World English Dictionary as cited on, Porn, also called: Porno, publications or broadcasts that demonstrate an unhealthy or voyeuristic interest in a particular subject.

Well, okay. Unhealthy, I don’t know about that, but I’m sure there are cases to prove it. Voyeuristic, oh hell yes.

When the word porn is brought up, the majority of people will immediately think SEX. C’mon, didn’t your brain go there? Be honest, y’all…

But when I think porn, it’s not JUST sex that my brain automatically goes to…

There’s all kinds of porn, if you apply the dictionary definition. There’s…

Coffee porn… It’s been brought to my attention that I have an unhealthy addiction to all things coffee.

Food porn… Same with food, food blogs, kitchens, appliances, etc…

Shoe porn…I think I’m developing this one. It’s slow going, but, I think it’s in the works.

Book porn…well, this one goes without saying. HELLO!

Cupcake porn…this one goes without saying too.

Car porn…not me.

Sports porn…this could be me with certain sports (NASCAR, College Football, Golf). My son though, oh yes, completely and totally.

Clothes porn…again, I think I’m developing this one.

Trader Joe’s porn…goes without saying.

Real Estate porn…eh, not so much, but DH lately, yep.

Social media porn…some days, oh yes.

Blog porn…some days, oh yes, especially food blogs, organization blogs, etc…

Music porn…without a doubt this has been true of me since I was 12.

Office supply porn…you just have no idea.

Color porn…definitely.

Make-up porn…when I think about this, all I can think of is Dakota Cassidy and Bitch Slap Yellow!

And of course, any kind of sexual thing can be turned into porn…toys, floggers and whips, leather, nudity, etc… Y’all know that I love all these, too.

See, it’s not just about sex when the word porn is mentioned. At least not for me. If you look at my Tumblr, you’ll see that I have all kinds of things on there from male/male sex to coffee to cupcakes to BDSM to lingerie to awesome sayings to beautiful landscapes and architecture… It’s all porn to me, based on the definition from

So, what’s on your porn list… What do you have a voyeuristic interest in? What could you spend HOURS or DAYS looking at?



Bring In The New Year with Books and Coffee Time Romance!

All right readers, it’s time for some romance events around the web to start taking place. The first one, at least the first one that I’m involved in is with Coffee Time Romance and More!

From today, January 10th to February 10th, they will be having a variety of authors and publishers taking part in forum chats and giveaways. Come and be part of it! Post with your favorite authors (other than me!) and find some new to you authors (but they aren’t going to be your favorite because you’ve already got one… Me. LOL!)

You can find this banner on the sidebar here of my blog at any time over the next month and by clicking on it, you’ll be taken to the homepage of the event forum. There you can find out all the information you’ll need…

Go on, click on it… I’ll wait!

Back now? Okay. There will also be this little banner. You can find it posted somewhere on my site here… You will let Coffee Time Romance & More know and they will enter you to win prizes, including a Pandigital eReader!

So, now that you have all the info, come join me and some fabulous authors and publishers for a fun-filled month! And if you’re interested, my date of participation is January 15th!


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