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Guest Post – Graylin Fox

Bowls of Coffee. I live for bowls of coffee. And I’m not talking about the kind of coffee that can peal paint from the walls or clog a drain. I’m talking dessert bowls of coffee.

My writing career would move at a slower pace without my 24 oz. soup bowl of Hazelnut coffee with flavored creamer and enough artificial sweetener to make it taste like syrup. It relaxes me. Sends my senses into a calm state where words flow from my fingers as fast as I can think of them.

I write down stories I see played out in my mind. I see a movie in my head and take detailed notes that become short stories and books. I recently saw an interview with Anne Rice where she said the same thing. We all cast our stories with Hollywood stars, especially if we see the hero or heroine as ourselves. It’s fun!

It didn’t take any coffee for me to cast “Your Biggest Fan.” It’s a psychological thriller about a woman whose childhood obsession with a singer from a boy band comes roaring back when she experiences a tremendous loss later in life.

Mary is our Heroine and I see her as: Jessica Alba.

Ada: College friend, roommate, and BFF? Fun loving, gorgeous and carefree? Cameron Diaz. Every woman needs a stunning friend who laughs at farts.

Devin: The obsession? Well, I did base this story to start on the frenzy around the Backstreet Boys – so he is: Howie Dorough. Although I did make his character taller and the lead singer. 😉

Mary’s Husband: Dean is sweet, strong, grounded, and plays guitar. Josh Lucas. Loved him in Sweet Home Alabama. Hell, I grew up in Alabama and I’d marry him. Tomorrow if he’s free.

Sara: Her childhood friend is named for fellow author and awesome friend, Sara Brookes.

If you’ve read the book and have ideas of your own, please feel free to share them. I’m giving away a signed ecopy of the novella for one commenter!

This novella was reviewed by Nayuleska and posted today. Check it out at:

Your Biggest Fan released July 15, 2011. You can find the novella here: on my site and see where it’s available.

Thanks to Lissa Matthews for hosting my obsession with Coffee and thanks to everyone who has read Your Biggest Fan for taking the time. I truly appreciate it.

Graylin Fox (Google + – have to learn how to fix that.)

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