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My thanks to Lissa for opening up her blog for me. Today I want to talk to you about my newest book Fournicopia which is releasing July 10th.

I love alpha males, but I love strong heroines, equally.
My challenge when I began writing Fournicopia lay in the fact my hero is a submissive. I’ve read plenty of sub heroes who were “dressed” to be alpha, but weren’t, not at their core. I didn’t want to make the same mistake.

Then there was the challenge of making my heroine strong, but not so much she overshadowed the hero. She needed flaws, needed some doubts, but this was to be a fun story, not something deeply angsty, and I didn’t think she needed a dark and painful past. Sometimes, I think authors don’t believe that “normal” people can have the desire to be Dominant unless they’re deeply scarred by some deep, dark trauma in their past.

Gus and Aislinn felt so natural together, they lit sparks on the page from their very first encounter. I didn’t have to force a thing, didn’t have to “write” their love story. They played, they tested each other, they learned to trust and set their inner kinksters free. In the end, they created their own flavor of a D/s relationship. Something perfect only for them. Rules, schmools.

Release Date: 10 July 2012
Samhain Publishing


Forget the sugar. Send her the spice.

Delta Heat, Book 2

Gus Taggert knows a setup when he sees one. The doughnut shop his police officer buddies have sent him to, Cornucopia, is too frilly. Too pink. Then the woman behind the counter serves up a mini-lesson in submission that leaves him ready and willing to obey her order to see her tonight at La Forge BDSM club.

The large, burly cop is exactly the kind of alpha guy that newly minted Domme Aislinn Darby has been dying to tie up and spank. Yet after she puts him through his paces, she finds herself eager to let him take control—something she’s never before enjoyed with a man.

Determined to find out once and for all if she has what it takes to control a scene, she orders him up for one more go. Only this time, she intends to ensure he remembers who’s in charge. She’s even willing to offer a little bribe: accept her dictates, and his reward is her—any way he wants her.

Except when it’s time for payback, it comes with several twists she never saw coming.

Warning: When a male sub decides to turn the tables on his pretty Domme, he calls for backup from his best friends. Contains scenes with m/m/f, m/f/m, f/f, spanking, restraints, and an orgy of pleasure no woman can resist.


As always, her entrance was noted by all the night’s hopefuls. Lined up at the bar and against the far wall, they perked up as soon as the first glances swung her way, waiting to see whom she would choose this evening.

She was only newly vetted, but had already gained a following eager to play with her. Known for her fun and sexy sessions that slowly ramped up to a blinding intensity, she’d been trained by Mondo, a true Master. Everyone wanted a go with Mondo’s latest protégé.

This night she felt no rumbling in her belly, no tingling of nerves from any self-doubt. Too much was on her mind. Instead, she felt a stirring of anticipation which added a little bounce to her step.

Her gaze swept the hopefuls, paused on Mondo, who stood beside the club’s manager near the bar, his hand against the curve of Jennifer Callum’s slender back.

She lifted the flogger and an eyebrow, indicating she’d received another mysterious present, then slapped it against her thigh.

He bent toward the dark-haired Jennifer, whispered something that had her smiling, but the tightness around her lips as she glanced Aislinn’s way said the manager knew about the troubles.

Damn. Aislinn had wanted to handle this problem herself. Now she regretted ever mentioning a word to Mondo.

Aislinn continued around the room, passing several subs she’d already tried. She lifted her chin and gestured with the flogger in her hand toward the floor. None of the young men paid her implement any mind, hastening instead to their knees and bowing their heads, bare chests rising and falling rapidly, then growing still as she moved on. If her stalker was among them, he hid well his interest in her latest gift.

Further, the one man she sought wasn’t here. Sharp disappointment filled her. Maybe she’d been a little too direct with Officer Taggert that morning. Maybe the latest troubles had blurred her usual acuity. She had an instinct for spotting a man ready for her kind of play. She’d thought for sure he’d arrive early, eager to see her again. When Mondo had checked her setup after she’d first arrived at the club, he’d told her his friend had been rattled but impressed like he’d never seen before. Mondo’s amusement had spilled over onto her, giving her the lift she’d needed to stay the course this night.

The teak double doors that opened from the club’s foyer whooshed open. From the corner of her eye, she spotted her quarry barreling into the room. There was nothing subtle about the large man. His reddened face indicated that either he’d lost the battle with his pride or he’d rushed to get here.

Either way, he was about to be punished for making her wait. Her breathing deepened, steadied. Her chest felt lighter as she secretly followed his progress.

Officer Taggert, dressed in jeans, cowboy boots and a crisp pale shirt, strode straight for Mondo. Mondo’s gaze narrowed, and he tilted his head in her direction. The large man turned, spotted her and gave her body a quick onceover before his glance snapped back up to her face.

Aislinn gave him a look he couldn’t misinterpret. Her chin jutted and her lips thinned. She lifted the flogger and pointed it his way.

The sighs of disappointment were audible. Yes, she knew it was cheesy, this dramatic ceremony where she selected her playmate, but the men—subs and switches—seemed to enjoy the ritual. Conversations resumed, breaking the silence.

Aislinn walked past Mondo and his friend, never looking directly at the police officer, but giving him a subtle nod. Then she strode down the carpeted hallway toward the row of playrooms.

She never looked back, and yet never took for granted that he’d follow. Relief filled her when she heard his heavy tread behind her. She swiped her key card to her room, pushed open the door, and then stood aside to allow him to enter first.

When he walked through, he halted, turning his head as he caught sight of her setup. She’d gone for sparse. Only one piece of equipment.

“Have you forgotten so soon?” she asked softly, striding up beside him.

His brow furrowed, darkening his eyes. “We’re alone. You don’t have to keep the game up.”

“Oh, I don’t play games. I told you already what I expect.”

His body tightened. His huge chest rose and fell more quickly than the short walk down the hall warranted.

Aislinn was careful not to let her smile reach her eyes. “Naked. That’s how I want you. And since you’re late, I want you bent over that bench to your right.”

She walked closer, not stopping until her chest met his, glad for the tall heels she wore. She tilted back her head, knowing it was no sign of submission on her part, because she stared without blinking into his hazel eyes.

His glance fell to her mouth then the tops of her breasts, spilling over the ribbed edge of the corset. “Naked I can do, ma’am. But you’re not spankin’ my ass with that toy.”

Not breaking glances, she tossed the flogger away. “I wouldn’t want it to touch you anyway. I’ll start with my hand…since we’re just getting to know each other.” Continuing to stare, she kept her expression neutral.

She knew the moment he blinked in their little game of chicken.

He swallowed hard. The sound of it loud in the stillness of the room.

She bit her lip then gave it a slow lick. Flirting to get what she wanted was just one tool in her arsenal of persuasion. “If you’re very good,” she murmured, “I’ll let you lick my nipples.”

The corners of his mouth twitched. A fine sheen of sweat broke on his forehead. He backed up a step then turned toward the bench. She watched while he stripped, not looking at her. She liked what he revealed—a torso cut like a bodybuilder’s—powerful, athletic.

When his trousers dropped and he moved toward the padded kneeler, she cleared her throat. “I’d like to inspect you before you hide yourself away.”



Giveaway:  I’m happy to offer up either the first book in the Delta Heat Series, Five Ways ‘Til Sunday, or one of my backlist Samhain ebooks to one person. Do you enjoy reading a hero that is submissive or do you prefer them to be the dominant figure in the relationship?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll check out my books if you haven’t already.


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Cocked and Loaded Giveaway Hop!

Its time for another blog hop and I know you’re going to love this one. I mean really? Who doesn’t love something Cocked and Loaded. 😉 However, in addition to the sexy part, there’s also a moment I want to take to remember the fallen service members as well as a moment to remember those who still serve.

One of the things I did recently is donate cups of coffee through a company called Green Beans Coffee and their Give a Cup of Joe to a Joe! The comments servicemen have sent back have truly made me smile and feel blessed that and full of pride that they do what they do for us as country and for us as part of the world.

In honor of a such a yummy hop which is brought to us by Queentutt’s World of Escapism and Close Encounters of the Night Kind, I am going to be giving away a copy of either my book Twisted Up or my book Melting Jane (formerly Sugar Rush) along with the first book in Delilah Devlin’s Lone Star Lovers series, Unbridled. Now, these would go along nicely with the grand prizes being offered through our hosts… 2 Kindle Fires!

What do you have to do to win these? Three things…

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Have fun hopping along to all the blogs… And take a moment to ponder the title of this hop… Cocked. And Loaded. Woot! And offer up some words into the universe for the military servicemen throughout the world.


Friday Fireworks Blog Hunt

Hey there and Happy Friday!

If I’m your first stop welcome or if I’m your next on the blog hunt I hope you’re having fun. There’s a fantastic prize up for grabs for the Blog Hunt, a Kindle Fire, and I’m offering up my BLUE JEANS AND HARD HATS series here on my blog.


My BLUE JEANS AND HARD HATS series features hard bodied handy-men and sassy women in need of some DIY help.

Another feature of the Blue Jeans books is BDSM. Something that’s been in the news a lot lately due to 50 Shades of Grey. While I’m not going to compare my books to 50 Shades, I am going to say that when I write about BDSM I write from experience.

I recently wrote a blog leading up to the BDSMapalooza the Smutketeers held expressing what BDSM is to me. If you’re interested you can check it out here. If you’re still playing with the Blog Hunt here’s a little snippet that sums up my thoughts.

BDSM has opened my eyes in a way nothing else I’ve ever encountered has. I am profoundly grateful I happened up on the lifestyle years ago. And yes, the sexual benefits are…incredible. But it’s not all or even mostly about sex. Not for me at least. There’s more, much more below the surface.

To be entered to win an eCopy of the entire BLUE JEANS AND HARD HATS series tell me what you think of BDSM or the hype around 50 Shades of Grey. Have you read it? Do you plan on it? I’ll pick a winner at random and post it here on my blog on Monday (May 28). The winner will have until Thursday (May 31) at Noon MST to contact my PA.


Here’s my question for Friday Fireworks: There is something about Jenn’s book that is unlike any other romance novel out there. What is it? (Check out the name of her website.)



10 Authors. 10 Questions. 10 Easy Answers.

You will go from blog to blog gathering questions about each author. There will be a hint and a link that will lead you to the answer.

In order to be entered to win the big prize, a Kindle Fire, you will need to send your answers to Brandy at SUBJECT: Friday Fireworks by Monday at noon MST.

You must include all 10 questions with answers.

Winner of the big prize will be drawn and announced on Heather Long’s blog. Any prizes offered individually on the author’s page will be taken care of by that author.

Participating Authors – Blog Links:

Melissa Schroeder – New question posted (edited 5/25 @ 7:27 AM MST)

Saranna DeWylde – Post not live, okay to skip (edited 5/25 @ 7:27 AM MST))

Delilah Devlin

Lissa Matthews (you’re here)

Lissa’s Birthday Week Post #1

Wednesday is my actual birthday, but as some of you know, I usually have a month long celebration on my blog here. I didn’t do it this year…obviously, but never fear, I’ll be back to it next year with authors and bloggers telling stories and giving away presents to readers. For now, though, you’ll have to settle for it just being me.

Presents this year will consist of books (including my new release, Forever In Blue Jeans, book 3 in my Blue Jeans and Hard Hats series), gift cards, tote bags, coffee items, cupcake items, and the big one…no, not an ereader, not an iPad, we authors do those all the time, but rather, a Keurig.

Yes, this one. It brews 3 cup sizes, you can program the time on and time off, even program the water temperature. I adore mine. Y’all know I adore mine.  Unless I’m having iced coffee crack,  I use my Keurig every day. It might be for hot water to make hot chocolate for the family, or to use the already hot water for instant oatmeal, but it gets used every day. You can get tea, coffee, and cocoa in K-cups. I generally prefer the coffee or tea or just hot water. I don’t care for the hot cocoa K-cups, but that’s just me, I know others who love them.

So, that’s the birthday list… Don’t be surprised though, if I change it up a little and add a few other little things here and there.

Today, is a tote bag I found at Barnes and Noble. It’s bright, colorful, and perfect for toting books.

I know many still read print books, but whether you do or not, you can never have too many tote bags (okay, you can because I’ve been told I have too many, but…I don’t listen and neither should you). Along with the tote bag, you will receive 3 books. What 3 books is up to you. Whether digital  or print (up to $15 per book), is up to you.

What do you have to do?

Tell me what 3 books or what series you’ve always wanted to read, but just never have.

Are there classics like Linda Howard, Julie Garwood, Elizabeth Lowell, or Susan Johnson that you’ve never read and wanted to?

What about Nalini Singh, Larissa Ione, or J. R. Ward?

How about Shayla Black or Maya Banks? Delilah Devlin? Lori Foster? Dakota Cassidy?

Mari Carr? Vivian Arend? Cat Johnson? Melissa Schroeder? Samantha Kane? Cherise Sinclair? Moira Rogers? Eliza Gayle?

Tessa Dare? Jess Michaels? Julia Quinn? Lisa Kleypas? Nicole Jordan? Courtney Milan?

There are so many to choose from and those names above don’t even scratch the surface of good books out there. I haven’t read even a fraction of all the books I want to read, of all the books I keep saying I’ll get to just as soon as I can. So, tell me, what do you want to read that you simply haven’t yet?

The winner of the tote bag and books will be chosen Friday by noon and posted Friday afternoon. There will be giveaways all week long here on my blog. There will be one on my Facebook Fan Page as well, along with one during the Author Chat at Righteous Perverts on Wednesday night, February 22nd. So, feel free to come by and ‘Like’ my Fan Page, feel free to drop by the chat Wednesday night and meet some authors and fellow readers. Of course, none of these extras are required, but I did want to give you the options of all presents.

Most questions you’ll have to answer this week are about birthdays, so…be ready to divulge information. 😉

Have a great Monday, y’all… Oh, and don’t forget, you have until 6PM EST today (Monday, February 20th) to enter to win books or M&M’s from my celebratory post after Kyle Busch and the #18 M&M’s Toyota won the Budweiser Shootout in Daytona on Saturday night. Click here to be taken to that post…





Cowboy Lust Cover!

Ain’t he yummy? Damn, y’all! For those who don’t know, this is an anthology of cowboy stories for Cleis Press. Cleis has always had some of the best erotica around and I’m thinking this collection of stories is gonna be no different. I’m lucky enough to be included with authors like Delilah Devlin, Cat Johnson, Charlene Teglia, Randi Alexander, and Cari Quinn. The forward of the book is written by none other than Lorelei James, too.

While I’m not new to erotic romance and erotica, I am rather new to the cowboy writing world. I’m learning quickly that I love it and have several cowboy books in the works. When I learned about this anthology, I was tempted to write something for it, but shied away and didn’t until I ran in to Delilah at Authors After Dark last year. More than once she said, write something for it, and so, by the time I got home, I was ready to write something for it.

Tentatively my contribution is titled Small Town Famous, the tagline of which is: Iron bars stand between a girl with a shotgun and the cowboy who made her the talk of the town.

You can pre-order it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The release date is August 14th.


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