Music Monday – Just The Way You Are via Glee

LissaLogoYellow_reasonably_smallWhen characters die on television shows or in movie franchises, we mourn. Sometimes for years, depending on how beloved, or for a moment.

When the actors die while in the midst of filming or in the off-season or in the middle of the viewing season, it hits us a little harder. We like to emesh ourselves in the shows we watch the same as we do with the books we read. Those characters become part of our lives, entwined, and when they are gone, when the one who brought them to live on screen for us is gone… There is no comfort for our sadness. We are shocked and in disbelief. The show will never be the same and we will never be able to watch it in the same way we once did…

Some of my favorites who’ve passed away over the years…

Actor John Ritter – Character at the time: Paul Hennessy on 8 Simple Rules

Actor Jerry Orbach – Detective Lenny Brisco on Law and Order (beloved also as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast)

Mrs. Landingham on The West Wing… (actress Kathry Joosten passed away last year, but I still remember her on The West Wing and she will always be Mrs. Landingham, no matter what else she did after…)

The news broke about Cory Monteith over the weekend and has devastated millions of Glee fans. I didn’t watch Glee. I caught snippets from time to time, mainly scenes with Jane Lynch, but as I was flipping channels one night several years ago, I came across Glee. I stopped because they were singing Sweet Caroline. And then, there was another one, not long ago and I think for the sadness people feel right now, maybe it’s appropriate, too…


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