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Hey there and Happy Friday!

If I’m your first stop welcome or if I’m your next on the blog hunt I hope you’re having fun. There’s a fantastic prize up for grabs for the Blog Hunt, a Kindle Fire, and I’m offering up my BLUE JEANS AND HARD HATS series here on my blog.


My BLUE JEANS AND HARD HATS series features hard bodied handy-men and sassy women in need of some DIY help.

Another feature of the Blue Jeans books is BDSM. Something that’s been in the news a lot lately due to 50 Shades of Grey. While I’m not going to compare my books to 50 Shades, I am going to say that when I write about BDSM I write from experience.

I recently wrote a blog leading up to the BDSMapalooza the Smutketeers held expressing what BDSM is to me. If you’re interested you can check it out here. If you’re still playing with the Blog Hunt here’s a little snippet that sums up my thoughts.

BDSM has opened my eyes in a way nothing else I’ve ever encountered has. I am profoundly grateful I happened up on the lifestyle years ago. And yes, the sexual benefits are…incredible. But it’s not all or even mostly about sex. Not for me at least. There’s more, much more below the surface.

To be entered to win an eCopy of the entire BLUE JEANS AND HARD HATS series tell me what you think of BDSM or the hype around 50 Shades of Grey. Have you read it? Do you plan on it? I’ll pick a winner at random and post it here on my blog on Monday (May 28). The winner will have until Thursday (May 31) at Noon MST to contact my PA.


Here’s my question for Friday Fireworks: There is something about Jenn’s book that is unlike any other romance novel out there. What is it? (Check out the name of her website.)



10 Authors. 10 Questions. 10 Easy Answers.

You will go from blog to blog gathering questions about each author. There will be a hint and a link that will lead you to the answer.

In order to be entered to win the big prize, a Kindle Fire, you will need to send your answers to Brandy at SUBJECT: Friday Fireworks by Monday at noon MST.

You must include all 10 questions with answers.

Winner of the big prize will be drawn and announced on Heather Long’s blog. Any prizes offered individually on the author’s page will be taken care of by that author.

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Delilah Devlin

Lissa Matthews (you’re here)

Guest Author and Giveaway: Pauline Allan

Hi Lissa! Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. When you asked me about how it felt to finish See Me, my debut release from Loose Id, I had to sit back for a second and really think about that question. One feeling kept coming to the forefront when I contemplated that final day of writing. Confusion. Yep, I was confused as hell. I’d written three full-length novels prior to See Me, of which I’d never submitted, but had a notion that this book was going to be the one I’d let others read. I had made my note cards, written in my spiral notebooks about the important points I wanted to hit on, and dove into the character’s psyche with sheer bravery. So– I typed the last paragraph. The last sentence. Finally, the last word. Now what? Sure, I was going to let my best friend read the book. Yeah, maybe even some of the gals at work. But submission? Um, I guess so. I can give it a try. I sent my three little chapters and  synopsis, never expecting to hear back from one of my all-time favorite publishers. And the days went on. I felt lonely without Sean to tell me I was safe and Abigail to give me the courage to face each day. I’d relied on their voices over the previous two months. It was quiet. Too quiet. I was confused. I’d let them have their happily ever after. Where was the narrator to go? What was my place? Then a tiny voice whispered in my ear. Her name was Marah. She asked if she could finish telling her story. Ella, her best friend, had given her the courage to ask me. I clicked on the Desert Seduction file in my documents folder and opened myself up to Marah once again. Her story is currently being formatted for submission to Loose Id. If that wasn’t enough to keep me confused, Lily whispered to me three days ago. Her story is also up in my que getting its polish to go at the same time. It’s funny how a writer, at least for this one, feels whenever a book is completed. I always feel a bit left behind, lonely, confused. The emersion in the work is so saturating that I forget what is going on outside my little hole in the world. When I do finally emerge, like a turtle from her shell, it’s frightening and bewildering. Thank goodness there’s always another voice ready to tell me its story. 🙂

I’m running a contest for anyone who wants to chat today. Leave a comment to receive a free copy of See Me and an Amazon gift card!


Abigail Swanson’s spirit has been battered, a body left for dead to recover to find fear and loneliness. Due to an abusive relationship, she is unable to feel the one thing she longs to have again. She builds a lucrative business specializing in the commodity she can’t afford to experience. Passion.

Sean Drennan traded his fists for a portfolio, but the cost was too great. Now, considered damaged goods, he’s unable to find employment. Desperate to gather some quick cash, he reluctantly agrees to take a job in the field guaranteed to make him sell his soul.

So what does a successful pornography entrepreneur do when her clients are demanding a tattooed hunk and her performers don’t fit the bill? She puts all her trust in an ex-con who has nothing to lose. Can he save her business and her heart at the same time or will his fighting ways leave him cold and lonely yet again?

For one voluptuous, scared woman it’s love at all costs. For one man it’s a new experience he’s more than willing to fight his way into. But can Sean and Abigail survive the dangerous ride?


See Me can be purchased at:

Loose Id | Amazon | All Romance eBooks | Barnes & Noble


Pauline’s Contact Information:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Guest Author & Giveaway: Miranda Baker

I think I spend more time getting the tone right for my character’s first kiss than I do inventing positions for their lovemaking. (Okay, for my character’s it’s more like no-holds-barred, battery-aided monkey sex but since I intend for them to fall in love, we’ll call it lovemaking.) I live for that first moment of surrender, when two people get close enough to each other to let their barriers down and admit that they are feeling a weakness for each other. I stare at the screen, paging through my little black memory book, until I come up with a ghost from my past to inspire me. I don’t use the actual lover or the kisses, mind you – my life hasn’t been that exciting. But I do tap into the emotion, sometimes just for a second, and then it’s on.


One kiss I might never use for inspiration – unless I start writing romantic comedy – is my first kiss. It took place at a football game when my older sister took me to “Kiss Me I’m a Frosh.” I was wearing a poster board around my neck, a green and white striped shirt and purple eye shadow. My eager suitor signed the board, and I said, “Go for it.” There must have been a wicked gleam in my eyes…because he did. His tongue slid into my mouth and his braces hit my teeth before his lips touched mine. Actually, I’m not sure our lips ever touched because I gave him a forceful shove, utterly disgusted.


After that I gave up the sport for about a year. Then I met a boy who gave meaning to the Bull Durham concept of “long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.” Hallelujah! He broke my heart but he taught me to kiss, and he drifts through my mind every time I write a first kiss scene. Totally worth the anguish.


So what kinds of kisses do I give my characters? In Bottoms Up, the hero and heroine engage in D/s play before they kiss, and Johnny admits to himself he’s not usually into kissing…but he can’t wait to kiss Destiny.


Johnny leaned down to kiss her. Her lids dipped, but stayed open. He caught the back of her head, hand tangling in her dreads to angle her mouth perfectly for his. “Stay the night,” he whispered against her lips. “There is so much more fun we can have together.”


Johnny’s already hooked, but the kiss seals the deal.



In SoloPlay, Alisa and Mark test out a remote, battery operated sex toy in a restaurant before they kiss (hmm…I’m sensing a pattern here) but their kiss makes up for lost time.

She met him halfway and sighed as his lips took hers for the first time. His kiss was different from Eric’s sloppy invasion and Crystal’s deft exploration. Mark’s lips made a demand. Alisa felt like his mouth was asking her a very basic question. Do you want to come again?


Will it ruin the surprise if I tell you Alisa says yes?


Here’s a sneak peek from Hook Up, the third story in the Come Again series. It’s unedited and may change, but Ryan dares Crystal to kiss him.


His arms gentled into a seductive caress and his lips settled over hers, whisper-soft as they sought a response. She had expected an onslaught of lust, not tenderness. Oh, shit, she couldn’t handle sweetness, not when his lips reminded her of what it was like to be skin-on-skin on a hot summer night with no walls, no barriers and nothing to hide.

His mouth opened, coaxed her lips apart, and his tongue touched hers, retreated. She held her arms behind her and dug her long nails viciously into her palm, hoping the pain would keep her focused on her shield. Instead, it added to her awareness of the sharp ache between her thighs. She shifted her feet, lifted one stiletto heel and brought it down squarely on her instep.

As she shifted, his hands caught hers, drew them up to his shoulders and he lifted her onto the counter, never losing contact with her mouth.


Their kiss goes on for a page and a half as Crystal and Ryan reacquaint themselves with the desire that has lived dormant inside them for ten years. *shiver* Now that’s a kiss!


Yes, kissing is a great sport and it’s one I think people, both fictional and actual, should practice regularly. What about you? Would you like to share a first or memorable kiss experience? Or weigh in on the topic? Or share a book recommendation for a great first kiss? One lucky commenter will win a bar of Lush brand Lust Soap, scented with jasmine, and a set of Romance Trading Cards for Bottoms Up and SoloPlay. *blowing a kiss* Please leave your e-mail address in the comments (with a few extra spaces to fool the kaspammers) so we know how to contact you. The giveaway is International!


Thanks for having me on your blog, Lissa! Mwah! 😉


About Miranda Baker

It makes me chuckle to think about all the romantic short stories I wrote in my rather too literary creative writing classes in college. If only one of my professors had steered me toward popular fiction! On the other hand, if I had discovered my calling back then, I wouldn’t have gone to culinary school, I wouldn’t have met my husband, we wouldn’t have had three children and I wouldn’t have turned to erotic romance to get my mojo back during all this hair-raising kid raising. If you’d like to chat about romance, writing or recipes, please visit


Guest Author & Giveaway: Phoebe Conn

Those of you love historical romance will be familiar with the artist Pino’s wonderfully sensuous covers. He sold romance with great artistic flair. My first Pino cover was for CAPTIVE HEART, a Viking tale with both heartfelt romance and high adventure. He painted a couple in a fiery embrace surrounded by orchids. Yes, orchids. It’s a beautiful cover you’ll find on my website:


I bought the cover from him and it’s hanging in my bedroom. The room is painted a soft mauve to show off the gorgeous painting to the best advantage. If you stand close, you’ll see Pino originally painted a blond man and a brunette. Both the hero and heroine were blond and when Pino arrived at the Kensington offices with the original painting, my editor, Leslie Gelbman, told him to go back to his studio and fix it. He thought it would be easier to change the manuscript. Ms. Gelbman refused. The painting is beautiful, even with the repainted hair and an orchid filled Denmark.

The book was a New York Times bestseller.


I had many Pino covers following CAPTIVE HEART, but it will always be my favorite.

Pino attended Romantic Times conferences so many authors who had his beautiful cover art were able to meet him. He was a very charming man. For a photograph with Kensington authors, Pino told the photographer where to stand and how to adjust the angle for the best photo. Pino passed away in 2010, but his art is featured on his website:


CAPTIVE HEART was such a fun book to write. I’d traveled through Scandinavia and visited wonderful museums with thousand-year-old artifacts that provided excellent details for the story. There is a museum in Oslo with the Oseberg ship found in a burial mound. Vikings believed in an afterlife and needed a ship to continue their adventures. There’s another Viking ship museum in Roskilde, Denmark. In approximately 1070, the five ships were sunk in the harbor to protect the city from invasion. They were excavated in 1962 and are displayed in a stark modern building right on the sea. Standing beside them, I felt an eerie sensation, as though the ships were haunted by the brave men who’d sailed them. I couldn’t wait to get home and begin a book where my hero and heroine sailed in a proud Viking ship bound for adventure and best of all, romance.


I love my new cover for the Samhain’s Retro Release of CAPTIVE HEART. I’ll give an ebook copy, or a print copy (United States only) to someone who comments. I love to hear from fans,

Or visit my website:


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