Selena Illyria – Day Two

I told y’all I’d be sharing more of Selena’s books on my blog today… She writes all sorts of paranormal. Dragons, vampires, shifters. You really should check her out if you haven’t already. And you should follow her on Facebook. She’s fun and light and sweet as pie. You’ll love her.

Now, you may be asking why I’m doing this. Because she deserves it. She’s been there for me in good and bad, supportive and encouraging. Even of my coffee habit. She’s a good person, a good friend, and a wonderful author.

So, let’s highlight a couple of her books…


Bounty Hunter and Dragon Dean returns home hoping to spend some time with his office manager and new mate Carrie. What he gets is confusion. He’s confronted with communication and connection issues. He feels attacked and backed into a corner with no direction to go in. To find a place to start he turns to Sundae’s Adult Easter Baskets hoping that this will give him a handhold to grip as he tries to break through the walls both of them have erected due to their pasts.

Carrie has missed her mate but can’t take the lack of communication she feels when he’s on the job. For the longest time she’s been alone. Now that she has a mate she wants to feel that connection to another person. She doesn’t know why Dean holds himself back from her, both on the road and while at home. She needs him to be present and here, to open up to her. But if she pushes too hard she could lose him forever. Can Sundae’s keep it’s sexily ever after guarantee?


Hockey player Brice Douglas has never gotten over the Christmas he spent with Ava Johnson back in college. Now, years later, he’s in trouble with his team, the Witch Fields Prowlers. Desperate to keep their rabble-rousing player’s head in the game, they hire a babysitter to keep his ass out of a sling and home in his bed at night: Ava. He’s determined to make up for lost time, while convincing her he’s not the man the team made him out to be, using every dirty, sexy trick he can.

Ava just got out a relationship with a cheating fiancé. She needs time to rebuild her life and babysitting her old college crush maybe the answer to her prayers–so long as sex isn’t involved. Yet, with his sexy nightly self-pleasuring sessions and dirty talk her resistance quickly starts wearing thin. With every day that passes, she’s growing more comfortable with him and his desire for her.

Will she be putting Brice on ice, or will he end up thawing Ava? (more…)

Selena Illyria has a New Release!

Call this host blog fail. I’m a day late and several dollars short and I totally screwed up. So, to make up for that, I am going to promote my (hopefully) forgiving friend Selena Illyria today and tomorrow on the blog.

She’s one of those people who is always there for everyone, always selfless in her friendship, in her willingness to help out, in her unwavering support. You should check her out…

BewitchingTheVampire-BySelenaIllyria-200x300Flushed and Fevered 1: Bewitching the Vampire

OUT NOW at Etopia Press!


A stubborn witch vs a vampire king…who will win on Halloween?

Bridget is a witch who has been given a sweet deal—nab a rogue vampire and score a big payday, but she must deliver him within twenty-four hours. She’ll need help from Joe, the local vampire liege, to find the rogue vampire fast. Joe agrees to give her the information…if she agrees to play a few hands of poker with him. For each hand, she must reveal a bit about herself. And for each hand she wins, he’ll answer any question she asks. But Bridget isn’t sure she can keep things objective—not when Joe gives her that seductive grin. (more…)

Guest Author – Lelia Brown: When Is A Sequel Too Close To The Original

Okay, so I have a question for all you readers out there. When is a book to much like the previous one? I mean lets make it a given that the characters are different with different mannerisms and motivations. But if you have a story that is a sequel and involves a situation that happens throughout the series does it make the books too much alike for you.

For me it’s hard to tell. The exact same plot could be a totally different book depending on the characters motivations. But some people feel differently. I had a person tell me one of my unpublished books was too near the plot of one of my published books. I didn’t think so. I thought the situations/characters/settings were different. But once someone said that, I couldn’t make myself to publish that book. That book is still sitting on my hard drive. o_O…. Yes I am too sensitive.

So now you may be asking yourself, what brought on this train of thought? Well, I just turned in the sequel to Haley’s Demon. The second book is Izzy’s Incubus. In these two books the heroines both perform the same spell. Both heroes do one act that is the same. Other than that it’s different. The settings. The time frames. Everything. So if you read Haley’s Demon you will remember a couple of things. But when two women do the same spell, then you would expect them to get the same or near the same result. Right?  Besides, Haley summons her demon not imagining that it will work while Izzy has a back up plan prepared in case her visitor gets out of line!

Okay enough about me and my Demon Lover Series. What about you? What makes you crazy in a sequel?

For more information about Leila and her books, along with her new adventure living in Alaska: Website | Twitter


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