Music Monday – Lady Gaga: Million Reasons

I’ve been listening to a lot of different music lately. And when I say different, I mean, I’m all over the place. I haven’t gotten crazy, but I’ve been stepping into alternate comfort zones with what I’m listening to and what I’m searching for…

Lady Gaga is one of those alternates and differents for me and I’m really enjoying a lot of her music, the older stuff and her new stuff. Her range, her presence, her personality, her fearlessness, her incredible depth and talent…

There are multiple performances of this song and it was hard to pick just one to share, but I did it… I went with the official video.


Music Monday – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I love this version of the song. I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And I have incredible respect for Lady Gaga and the voice she’s got, the talent she possesses.

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and here in Charlotte, it’s gloomy and chilly and it’s feeling a little different today. I haven’t been in the holiday spirit and I don’t know that I will at all this season, but it never hurts to try with a little music…


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