Guest Author – Lelia Brown: When Is A Sequel Too Close To The Original

Okay, so I have a question for all you readers out there. When is a book to much like the previous one? I mean lets make it a given that the characters are different with different mannerisms and motivations. But if you have a story that is a sequel and involves a situation that happens throughout the series does it make the books too much alike for you.

For me it’s hard to tell. The exact same plot could be a totally different book depending on the characters motivations. But some people feel differently. I had a person tell me one of my unpublished books was too near the plot of one of my published books. I didn’t think so. I thought the situations/characters/settings were different. But once someone said that, I couldn’t make myself to publish that book. That book is still sitting on my hard drive. o_O…. Yes I am too sensitive.

So now you may be asking yourself, what brought on this train of thought? Well, I just turned in the sequel to Haley’s Demon. The second book is Izzy’s Incubus. In these two books the heroines both perform the same spell. Both heroes do one act that is the same. Other than that it’s different. The settings. The time frames. Everything. So if you read Haley’s Demon you will remember a couple of things. But when two women do the same spell, then you would expect them to get the same or near the same result. Right?  Besides, Haley summons her demon not imagining that it will work while Izzy has a back up plan prepared in case her visitor gets out of line!

Okay enough about me and my Demon Lover Series. What about you? What makes you crazy in a sequel?

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