Birthday Bash – Madison Chase

Madison’s Birthday Memories

My favorite number as a child was eight. And for some reason I thought turning eight would be positively magical. As if I was going to grow up that day. From the time I learned to count, I don’t really remember when that was exactly, I waited for my eighth birthday. And every year (5, 6, 7) I grew more anxious for that 8th birthday. Seven years old just wasn’t good enough. Ahh, youth. I don’t even remember what happened on my eighth birthday, what the cake looked like, or what I got. *g* All I can remember is that it wasn’t as “positively magical” as I thought being eight years old would be. And shortly thereafter, I couldn’t wait to turn eighteen.

Now what I wouldn’t give to rewind the clock a little and take back some of those years.

Power of Seduction:

Every wolf has his breaking point.

Tor Kemp is an executioner, not a babysitter. But his visions tell him that Cassidy Sinclair is in serious danger…and his visions are never wrong. She’s defenseless against a world she knows nothing about.

Cassidy has dreamed of Tor before. Unfortunately, he always leaves her unsatisfied. But in real life, satisfaction is guaranteed…until he vows to protect her.

Protecting her means keeping his hands to himself. But Tor quickly learns that every wolf has his breaking point.

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