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Its time for another blog hop and I know you’re going to love this one. I mean really? Who doesn’t love something Cocked and Loaded. 😉 However, in addition to the sexy part, there’s also a moment I want to take to remember the fallen service members as well as a moment to remember those who still serve.

One of the things I did recently is donate cups of coffee through a company called Green Beans Coffee and their Give a Cup of Joe to a Joe! The comments servicemen have sent back have truly made me smile and feel blessed that and full of pride that they do what they do for us as country and for us as part of the world.

In honor of a such a yummy hop which is brought to us by Queentutt’s World of Escapism and Close Encounters of the Night Kind, I am going to be giving away a copy of either my book Twisted Up or my book Melting Jane (formerly Sugar Rush) along with the first book in Delilah Devlin’s Lone Star Lovers series, Unbridled. Now, these would go along nicely with the grand prizes being offered through our hosts… 2 Kindle Fires!

What do you have to do to win these? Three things…

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Have fun hopping along to all the blogs… And take a moment to ponder the title of this hop… Cocked. And Loaded. Woot! And offer up some words into the universe for the military servicemen throughout the world.


Snippet Saturday – I Want You To Want Me

I loved that song! I still love that song! It’s awesome. And it’s a sentiment most of us can and do relate to. We want to be wanted. We want someone to want. We want to be needed and to need. We want to be loved and to love. We read romance hoping the hero finds the woman he wants, needs, and falls in love with. We hope she finds the man worth wanting, needing, and falling in love with. We want that happily ever after for the characters in the books we read. Believe me, some readers don’t want that happy for now or happy maybe. They want FOREVER AFTER!

I’ll admit, I do too… Most of the time.

Today’s snippet comes from my latest release or rather re-release, Melting Jane…

Six zero nine was the number he was looking for and when he finally stood in front of the door, he hesitated only a moment before he knocked.

No one answered.

He knocked again, and this time was rewarded by a very irritated female voice telling him to wait a damn minute. He waited, more excited than he could ever remember feeling about a woman on the other side of an unopened door. His dick swelled, and his heart kicked.

The wood panel swung open and there she was: the woman of his dreams, wearing a thick gray sweat suit with her hair in a messy ponytail, fuzzy purple socks on her feet, and an expression that could have melted the snow outside.

He winked, and she snarled. He laughed and, she slammed the door in his face.


* * * * *

“What are you doing here? And by the way, it’s rude to walk in without being invited.”

Her back was to him when he opened the door and walked in. She stood at the stove stirring cream in a saucepan and refused to look at him. Maybe if she ignored him, he’d get the picture and go away.

“It’s also rude to slam the door in someone’s face,” he countered. “I came to see you.”

“I knew it,” she ground out, shaking her head. “He said he hadn’t, but I knew it. This is another setup that Edward coaxed you into, isn’t it?”

“No. I came up with this one all on my own.” He waggled his eyebrows. “Aren’t you proud of me?”

She chanced a glance over her shoulder and found he was grinning at her like a loon. He was actually standing there, in her loft, looking tall and gorgeous while she looked short and frumpy. She couldn’t believe it. It didn’t help that she was in the kitchen making a batch of candy. Okay, add fat to short and frumpy. She hated thinking about herself that way. She wasn’t skinny, but she wasn’t fat either. She knew that; she just couldn’t help it sometimes. Phillip’s words kept coming back to her at the oddest moments and, coupled with the hot man now standing in her loft, the negativity glowed neon. Since the dumping, she’d taken to wearing nothing but loungewear and she rarely went out. How could she let one person affect her so? These small realizations and admissions did nothing but make her grumpy.

“All right, you’ve seen me. You can go now. I believe you know where the door is.”

“I appreciate the invitation to leave, but I was hoping we could have dinner together.”

“No, sorry. I’m not dating right now.” And she wasn’t. She’d given two years to a guy who had sweet-talked her, who wasn’t even in the same yummy ballpark as Cowboy Surfer, and look where that got her? Nowhere. She was safe like this, living vicariously through Edward’s tireless, sex-filled search for “the one”.

“Fair enough. Have you given up eating too?”

“That’s so not funny.”

“I wasn’t trying to be.”

“Right. Well I’m sure you noticed I haven’t given up eating.” She turned off the stove and poured the scalded cream over chopped bittersweet chocolate. The aroma filled the immediate air around her, and she inhaled deeply. The scent of excellent chocolate never got old.

“What are you making?”

He’d stepped close, standing just behind her shoulders. She could feel the heat coming off his body and if she leaned back, she’d be touching his chest. Instead of doing just that — because she so wanted to — she pressed herself closer into the edge of the counter, picked up a wooden spoon, and slowly started to stir the cream into the chocolate. “Truffles. Like the ones you didn’t get this afternoon.”

“I smell chili peppers.”

“Mmm. Yes. We infuse the cream with them. It’s a very delicate balance of flavor, the chocolate and the chili. It’s sweet at first bite, but then a blast of heat erupts on your tongue, completely intoxicating your mouth with flavor.”

“You know they say chili peppers are an aphrodisiac, stimulating the blood and nerve endings.” He leaned closer still, his breath blowing against her hair. “Maybe we should try it out.”

“No we shouldn’t.” Go away go away go away.

“We’ll see.” His breath brushed the edge of her ear, sending a shiver up her spine. What did she have to promise the universe to get him to leave and stop tempting her? “Is this your business then?”

“It’s mine and Edward’s. We started it after he went through a hard breakup with a guy he’d been dating at work. He quit shortly after and decided the way to mend a broken heart was through chocolate.”

“I know many women who would agree with that. How did you meet? You and Edward, I mean.”

Many women? Of course there were many women in his life. Just look at him. She was nothing more to him than a blind date. It didn’t really explain what he was doing in her kitchen though. Blind dates that didn’t go right the first time usually didn’t get a second chance, and guys like him didn’t chase after women like her either. “In a candy making class a little over two years ago.”

“And? C’mon Jane, indulge me. I want the whole story.”

Jane sighed and fought against grinding her teeth in frustration. “He was taking the class to learn to make candy for Valentine’s Day for his boyfriend. When they broke up, I made these for him one day to try and cheer him up and, well, here we are.” Having Graham so near made concentrating on anything difficult. It was a wonder she could think straight at all.

“So, are these what he was talking about when he said you were sitting around eating chocolate all the time?” he asked, a grin on his face.

There was laughter in his voice. While not surprising, it stung that he was laughing at her, teasing her about it. “He said that?” Mortified, she whirled around and wished she hadn’t. He was standing right there, her nose not even an inch from his chest. He was broad and solid, and she wanted to be wrapped in his arms. Stop that. She looked up at him. Something else she wished she hadn’t done.

“Yes. It turned me on.”

“Don’t say that. Don’t say you were turned on because I eat chocolate all day while lounging around in sweats and watching trashy television. I swear I’m going to kill him. I haven’t been serious about it before, but I am now.” She struggled not to cry, but more from anger and humiliation than sadness. “He shouldn’t be telling people that! Dammit!” She began to turn away, but Graham’s hand on her arm stopped her and he held her firmly between his body and the counter. She tried to move, tried to push against his grip on her, but he wouldn’t let up. Fucking truth be told, she didn’t want him to let go. She wanted him to really, really want her.

“Jane, it’s okay. He’s worried about you and if it makes you feel better, he left out the sweats and trashy television part.”

end Snippet

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Have a great Saturday!


Melting Jane Release Day!

Yes yes yes! Finally, right!

You may have heard this before. Then again, you may not have. Melting Jane is the original title for the book some of my readers know as Sugar Rush. The contract was up on the book and I decided I wanted to make a few changes, add some word count, a new scene, some extended scenes, give it a new cover, and lower the price.

I’ve always loved this book. Jane is sassy and snarky and hates that the men in her life are always right. Graham is delicious and sweet and determined. It’s one thing when a woman doesn’t want a man and keeps saying No, it’s quite another when she DOES want him and keeps saying No.

If you read Sugar Rush, thank you. If you’re so inclined to re-read it in it’s new packaging, thank you.

If you haven’t ever read about Graham and Jane, and Jane’s friend Edward, I’m hoping you will give it a try.


Graham Hall is a twenty-six year old Texan with the job of his dreams: being a freelance travel writer for a national publication. He’s just finished his latest article about small winter resort destinations in Colorado and has earned some personal down time. With the six month lease not yet up on the small cabin he rented, Graham decides to stick around the area for a while and in the process, finds himself agreeing to a blind date with a feisty, down on her luck in the love department, candy maker named Jane.

After all, what could it hurt?

Jane, completely oblivious to the set up, arrives at Graham’s isolated little valley cabin to deliver a box of her handmade Chocolate Kick truffles. From the moment Graham opens the door, Jane is tongue tied and ticked off. Edward, her business partner and most certainly former best friend, set her up. When she regains her ability to put two coherent words together, plus size, mid-thirties Jane apologizes for intruding and assures Graham that she will take care of the mistake.

What ensues is a series of encounters and confrontations between Jane and Edward, Jane and Graham, and Edward and Graham. At the heart of it all, is Jane’s happiness. Edward wants this for her more than anything. Graham finds himself caught up in her tart tongue and curvy body and isn’t about to call his all too real pursuit a failure, no matter how many times she says no.

With her inability to continue denying herself the man she affectionately refers to as Cowboy Surfer in her head, she gives in and is rewarded with scorching hot sex and a lot of follow-up phone calls after she learns the truth of Graham’s attraction. His persistence leads Jane to believe that life doesn’t have to revolve around chocolate truffles, but rather should revolve around a delicious, well traveled and well built younger man.


“What about this one?”

This one, was a little black dress that would dance around her knees when she spun this way or that. “No.” He swished the dress back and forth in front of her on the hanger. She crossed her arms and turned her head. She didn’t want to be tempted into the little dress. Kitchen stores were one thing. Clothing was another.

“Why not? It would look darling on you.”

“In case you’ve forgotten or have lost your sight recently, I don’t have a darling figure.”

“I, nor anyone else, would know a thing about your figure since you keep it hidden under every shapeless garment you can find.”

“Yeah, well…”

“Try it on.” He pleaded. “Please.”


“For me?”


“For him?”

“Him? Him who?” Jane thought for a moment and then understanding dawned on her. “Oh.” She grimaced. “No. Let’s go.” She got up and as soon as she did, Edward sat down in the newly vacated chair. “What are you doing?”

He crossed one leg over the other and looked for all the world like he hadn’t a care or a job. “I’m not going anywhere until you try on the dress.”

“Oh my god, Edward. Fine. You can sit there all day. I’ve got work to get back to.” When Edward didn’t make a move to get up, she threw up her hands and started walking toward the front of the store.


“Look,” she said, walking back toward Edward. “I love you. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had, but you need to stop.”

“No. I don’t.” And given the look on his face, he believed that. “I want the best for you and I don’t have to stop until I’ve gotten through to you.” He blinked his puppy dog eyes and if they’d been alone in their loft, she’d have growled and stomped her feet. He was annoying, irritating, frustrating, and completely pissing her off. As it was, they were in a store, a high end clothing store, one of Edward’s favorites and she wasn’t comfortable making a scene. She’d wait until they were outside where she could drag him into a side street.

“This is the only one, understand? The only dress I intend to try on.”

Edward grinned. “Yes. That’s the only one I saw that I liked. The rest of their dresses were a little matronly for what you need.”

“What I need?”

“Sexy, but sweet.”

Jane rolled her eyes. “Oh please.” She slipped into the dressing room and hung the light and flirty dress on the wall hook. With long chiffon sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, and a nipped in waist, it was sweet looking. The flippy skirt coupled with slits in the sleeves to reveal skin, gave it the sexy look. It was an understated sexy, but with the right heels… Damn. He had her. The meddling man had her and he knew it. “I hate you.”

“I know.”

“I mean it, Edward,” she said, tugging her sweatshirt off over her head. She rocked her hips from side to side to get her jeans down. She huffed and sat on the little bench to pull her snow boots off. “I really hate you for this,” she reminded him.

“Let me see, then we can decide how much you hate me.”

“A lot.” But the dress slid down over her body like it had been made just for her. The side zipper ate up the distance to the top without her having to suck in her stomach, clench her butt, pray, or offer her soul. The lining hugged her curves with ease and the chiffon flowed. It was such a simple dress but it was perfect.

She stepped out of the little cubicle and Edward’s mouth dropped. That was a good sign. That was the best sign. He loved it on her and his gloating look hadn’t set in yet. She was thankful for that small miracle.

“Wow. I don’t know what to say.” He stood and came toward her. “I haven’t seen you in anything like this in so long. If I were a straight man…”

“Lucky for me, you’re not.” They stood in front of the three-way mirror, both of them staring at her from all sides. She realized she looked very nice. Well, as nice as she could without make up, her hair in a messy pony tail, and her one leopard print pink and black sock and her one neon green and black zebra stripe sock. If she’d known he wanted to do more than grab coffee and a pastry…

“I love it, Jane.” He was giddy with excitement, and practically bouncing up and down. “We should buy it.”

“No. No Edward, we shouldn’t. It’ll just sit in the closet and — ”

“No arguments. We’re getting the dress. Now, go take it off.”

“Edward.” Her tone should have been enough for him to let it go and realize it was a lost cause, that she wouldn’t be buying the dress, but he elected not to hear the slight inflectional change.

She huffed her way back into the dressing room and carefully removed the dress. “Aren’t you supposed to be looking for something for yourself to wear for your new guy?” There was no answer from Edward and when she had finished putting her clothes back on, went looking for him. He stood by the register, waiting.

“Will that be all?” the clerk asked her. Jane was quick to hand the dress over and nodded.




“No, we’ll take these, too.” Edward placed a knee high pair of black boots on the counter. They were beautiful, elegant. Lace up the front, a short curved heel. She loved them immediately.

“Edward, really,” she whispered heatedly, ignoring the curious glance from the young woman behind the counter.

“These will be all.”


Jane knew when she was beat. She walked away, all the way out the door, letting Edward do what he did best. Have his way.

The air was crisp, cold, tolerable. She liked the dry air, was happy there was no wind and that it wasn’t snowing. “Well, this has been a huge success.”

Jane turned to Edward as he joined her on the sidewalk. “What has?”


“Ah yes.” She started walking. “Where are your purchases for your man?”

“Oh I got them the other day.”

“Meaning this was all a ploy again, a set up.”

“I didn’t set you up with anyone other than me. I thought a morning out would be a nice change.”

“I don’t like that you’ve taken to lying to me.”

“If you liked the truth, I wouldn’t have to.”

Melting Jane is now available from Amazon | Barnes and Noble | All Romance eBooks | Smashwords

Have a great day!


Snippet Saturday – Why Can’t We Be Friends

So sorry I’m late with the post. It’s race day here in Charlotte and it was baseball before 9am this morning. I think I’m still trying to wake up. It’s been a very long and tough week here in our household and I’m looking forward to a little relaxed with a hundred thousand or so of my fellow race fans. I’ll be screaming and hollering and generally letting off some steam and stress.

My choice for today’s Snippet Saturday post about making up, is from Melting Jane, which will be out at the end of the month.


Jane handed the purple cookie scoop to Edward and walked out the door to the elevator. When the double doors opened, she took a step inside only to stop in her tracks, one foot in one foot out. Graham. He’d sent her flowers. That had to be it. The schmuck.

She growled softly through her teeth and stepped the rest of the way into the car and pressed the button for the lobby. Thankfully, the elevator didn’t stop for any other residents on the way down. She wasn’t exactly dressed to be seen by anyone she might know. The face that wore no makeup, the jeans that were almost too tight, the faded sweatshirt, and the pink fuzzy slippers did not a pretty picture make. She grinned. She loved owning her own business, working in the privacy of her own place. She could dress however she wanted, especially since Edward usually did all the meet and greets.

The elevator chime dinged when she reached the lobby, and the doors opened, revealing an empty space of gleaming marble, one man sitting behind the security desk, and another leaning against it. Cowboy Surfer. In his hand, he held the most beautiful bouquet of lavender roses she’d ever seen. Shit.

What a goddamn jerk!

His wide eyes connected with hers the moment the words passed through her lips. Oh God. She slapped a hand over her mouth. What was it about him that made her speak what was on her mind when she’d never had the guts to do it before with any man except Edward?

He grinned that infuriating grin that melted every inch of her.

“Terrible language from such a pretty girl.” He tsked, shaking his head. “Might have to consider washing your mouth out with soap… Or something.”

She wanted to ask about the ‘or something’, but decided against it. If she got any closer… “I’d like to see you try. What are you doing here, Graham?”

“The phone calls weren’t really getting me results, so I decided to take a more direct approach and stop by.”


“Don’t you want your flowers? If so, you’ll have to come a little closer.”

Yes. “No.”

“You’re lying again. Definitely going to have to wash your mouth out.”

“I’m not.” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sam watching their exchange with rapt interest. Lovely. It would be all over the building by morning that mousy Jane was turning down flowers from the Hunk of the Month. “Please, Graham. I don’t know what else to say. You don’t take no for an answer very well.”

“Thank you is usually appropriate when someone brings you a gift.” He held the roses out to her, totally ignoring her previous statements.

“Thank you.”

“Come and get them.”

Oh hell no. “Why don’t you leave them down here? They’ll brighten up the lobby.”

“The lobby is bright enough and Sam here doesn’t look like a lavender rose kinda guy. Come get them, Jane. You know want to.”

She started to deny it. She even bit her tongue to keep from saying anything in the affirmative, but she knew she wouldn’t be walking away from roses. Or from him.

When was the last time anyone gave her roses? Well, other than Edward on her birthday and at Thanksgiving, sometimes on Valentine’s Day.

But none from any man she’d ever been involved with. Until Graham.

Concentrating, she put one foot in front of the other and walked the twenty-three steps toward him, stopping just beyond his reach. She held out her hand for the roses, hoping against everything that told her otherwise, that he would be kind and just give her the flowers.

No such luck. Damn.

It was her last thought before he grabbed her hand and pulled her against him, his lips crashing down on her traitorous and willing ones.

The kiss was just long enough to knock her off balance but too short to satisfy the hunger raging through her blood. He lifted his head, and his tongue snaked out to lick his lips. “Mmm mmm mmm. I’ve missed kissing you, Jane.”

It was on the tip of her tongue to yet again deny, deny, deny, but she figured there was no time like the present to turn over a new leaf and admit the truth for once. “Me too,” she whispered.

Graham’s look of surprise would have made her laugh had the moment of revelation not been such a serious one. She took the bouquet from his hand and lifted it up to her nose, burying her face in the soft petals and inhaling the sweet fragrance.

“How did you find lavender roses in February?”

“Let’s just say I know people.”

She didn’t want to know what people he knew that would be able to find lavender roses in the dead of winter. In Colorado. “Would you like to come upstairs?” The words flew out of her mouth before she had a second to think about them.

He smiled. She loved his smile. The crinkle of lines at his eyes, the dimples in his cheeks… He really was gorgeous, and she hoped like hell she wasn’t making a huge mistake.

“I actually came to take you to dinner.”

“Really? You were coming to ask me out on a date?”

“Yes. You said no on the phone, so I figured I might have a better shot in person. Especially with flowers. If you still said no, I was going to resort to simply telling you I was taking you to dinner and if that didn’t work, I was going to have to get naked and torment you until you either said yes or we ordered in.”

She couldn’t believe he’d said he’d get naked in front of Sam. That little tidbit would definitely be all over the building by morning. She needed to get him somewhere a little more private. “Oh, I uh…I would need to change, so, you should come up and we can finish talking about it.”

“I’m going to take that as a yes for dinner.” Graham winked and snagged her hand, dragging her toward the elevators. “Love the fuzzy slippers, by the way.”

The doors closed, and Jane was being ravished before the elevator car began to move. Graham’s hands were at her hips, sliding around to her ass and pulling her up into his body. His eyes never left hers and though his mouth was mere inches from kissing her, he never did. He just stared at her with lust, bright and hot in his eyes.


“Want you, Jane. Hellish week and all of it has been your fault.”

His voice was like gravel, but his lips were soft as they caressed her temples, and his denim-covered cock thrust against the juncture of her thighs.

She was once again in awe. His cocky confidence was shaken and he wanted her. Nothing about him in that moment said fake or wrong. Everything screamed right to her.

And then it was her turn to smile. Talk about a revelation.

End Snippet

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