Happy Wondrous 2018

I started to add some text to the image above, but it’s too beautiful to touch. It’s bright and it’s crisp and it’s new and it’s open. It’s open to all the wonders we can imagine.

Happy 2018, Y’all!

It’s bitterly cold here in the south and while I don’t usually mind cold, we southerners aren’t built for this kind of cold. We have thin blood. We can handle heat and humidity better than most. But this cold stuff? 11 degrees? Nope.

As I write this, though, it’s cloudy and I have two cats in the office with me. Two more out on the couch. One upstairs. And one in a cat tree in my old office. What I don’t have with me is a cup of coffee which will be rectified momentarily.

There is no purpose to this message other than a HELLO! And a wish for you, whoever you are, to have a wondrous 2018.

And you know what? I believe that will be my word for the year… Wondrous! Do you have a word for the year?

In the coming weeks, I’ll fill y’all in on my ideas for the coming months, but for now, let’s all just stay warm and cozy up with a good book.


New Words For A New Year!

Happy 2015!

Let’s hope it is, right!?! I know I am hoping so.

I know Brave was a big song last year, but I think it’s a good places to start in this new year, right here at the beginning, on day one. (more…)

Music Monday – Gonna Get Over You (NSFW)

And no, this version of Gonna Get Over You by Sara Bareilles is NOT safe for work or likely mixed company (young kids or those offended by the word F*CK. Now, the actual embed link has been disabled by either YouTube or someone else, but… The share link still works.

This sentiment is a lot how I’m feeling of late with some things, some people, some issues, and it’s the best way I could come up with to express such and smile while doing so.


I’ve also added Miranda Lambert’s New Strings… about striking out on your own, proving those wrong who said you couldn’t do it, leaving the old ways behind…

There are new feelings, new experiences, new challenges… And whole year ahead to take chances…


Snippet Saturday – New Beginnings

Happy New Year!!!!! (insert confetti throwing and horn blowing and kissing here)

The theme for today’s Snippet Saturday is quite appropriate. New Beginnings. We’re at the start of a brand new year with all possibilities ahead. Looking forward. Not looking back except… to learn from our mistakes and missteps, to remember fondly those that have perhaps come and gone in our lives.

I think I will pick from Sweet Caroline today…


“Did you find everything you needed?”

Caroline smiled at the clerk, Janis. No one knew her or her past or her sexual interests. They didn’t look at her with judgment in their eyes. They all smiled at her, asked about her, asked if there was anything she needed to help her get settled in their community. She felt at home, truly at home for the first time in her life. “Yes, thank you.”

“Baking something today?”


“I’ve always found nothing makes a new place feel like home quite like the smell of something baking.”

“Yes, I agree.”

“You liking it up here?”

“I love it actually. It’s beautiful. I like seeing the mountains outside the windows.”

“That cabin you bought is on a really great piece of property. Too pricey for most folks here, but I’m glad to see someone sweet as you bought it. It’s big enough to raise a family in too.”

It certainly was. She’d taken the finished basement and made it her office. If it hadn’t been for her realtor’s husband helping her move things down the stairs, she would’ve had to use one of the spare bedrooms. Which she could have done, but she was glad to have separate work and living space.

She paid for her groceries and took the three bags in hand. She purposely ignored the comment about a family and tried to ignore the pang in her chest that said Buck would have been a great one to consider having a family with. She didn’t do such a good job of it. It stung and not for the first time, she mentally kicked herself for not having asked him what he was doing for the next few months, years, the rest of his life. “Thank you, Janis. I hope you have a nice afternoon.”

“I will, Caroline. You do the same.”

On the way back to the cabin, Caroline waved to other people she’d met. She’d made a friend in one of the part-time waitress’ Rosie and thought about stopping into the diner for breakfast, but the parking lot was crowded and she had a lot of refrigerated items.

Rosie had come over yesterday and helped Caroline unpack her things, carted the boxes away, bought her a welcome to Blue Ridge dinner and then they sat outside on the deck wrapped in blankets, sipping wine, looking at the stars and warming themselves by the outdoor fire pit.

Been a long time since she’d had a girl friend who wasn’t a lover, and she’d forgotten how much she enjoyed having female friendship that wasn’t hampered, hindered or all around fucked up by sex. It ruined those friendships as much as it ruined the friendships with men, which was why she never became friends with men she was lovers with or vice versa. Just wasn’t worth liking someone that much on so many levels for it to all come to a screeching halt the minute the sex stopped.

Buck though, that had been different. Nothing ever felt odd or forced before or after they started fucking like a couple of horny teenagers. They were discovering each other and what they each enjoyed, but there was something to be said for being comfortable with someone, free to delve deeper into feelings and motivations. She’d had that with him, too. Sex added fun and intense pleasure, but they were able to talk beyond the bed and the spankings, and she’d really enjoyed that.

And she had missed cooking for more than herself. Caring for someone other than her own person. She was meant for that, to be a caregiver, to do for others. It’s one of the reasons she picked baskets and gifts for her business. It was providing not only a product but a personal touch of service as well. She thrived on that most of all, knowing she was helping, giving, offering something of herself.

The small gravel and rubber lined drive loomed on the left and she carefully turned in. She wasn’t sure what she’d do when there was snow piled high, but she’d figure it out. She planned on making a couple trips into town a week to mail off packages, but to also get out of the house, to talk to people, to become part of the place she’d chosen to live.

The cabin came into view and as it had since she arrived, it made her smile. Big. Then she saw the truck. His truck. Buck’s truck. He was rocking in a chair on her front porch and stood as soon as she parked her Jeep. She turned off the ignition, and he walked down the three steps. She got out and he was there, his hands in her hair, his lips on hers, his hot solid body warming hers from the outside in.

“What are you doing here?” she whispered against his cheek as he held her head close.

He looked down into her eyes and kissed the tip of her nose. “You forgot a few things when you left.”

“I did?”

“Uh huh. You did.”

“Dare I ask what I forgot?” Not that she really cared. He was here. He’d brought whatever it was to her.


Okay, she cared. A lot. “I didn’t forget you.”

“You left me there, and you didn’t ask me to come along.”

“I didn’t know how.”

“I kind of figured. So, I brought me here to you.”

Caroline threw her arms around his neck and hugged him so tight he had to push her away so he could breathe again. “For how long?”

“As long as you want me to stay. I won’t push, I won’t force my way into your life. I won’t take anything you aren’t willing to give, but I want to be part of your life. I don’t want to be part of your past, a memory of a fling you had for a few weeks with the handyman. I want to be part of your now, your tomorrow, and as many days after as you’ll let me be.”

End Snippet

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