Sunday Speeds

Speeds are rather slow at the moment. Slow, but not relaxing. It’s been a rough few days in my house. Work on the next book hasn’t taken place save for scenes here and there written in Evernote. Instead, I’ve been working on keeping as much of my home germ and illness free as I can (though if DH and DD would stay in one place and not move around and touch everything, it would be easier). (more…)

Wordy Wednesday – Where Did The Day Go?


I ask myself this question every evening. My friend AJ asks this question usually starting about 4pm. Where did the day go? And the answer is always the same… Working. Doing stuff. Family. Errands. It always seems there’s just enough time to do one thing really well, and everything else gets thrown in the basket we use to tidy up the house each night. (more…)

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