Snippet Saturday – Midnight Rider

I’m gonna have to be honest and tell y’all that I have no idea what today’s Snippet theme is about. I’ve listened to the song and… Just haven’t got a clue. So, I’m just going to have to go it on instinct and well, if I’m way off base, then I’m way off base…


The headlights flashed through the front window one minute after midnight. Thor smiled, took a deep breath, and opened the garage door, waiting for Bobby to exit his flashy little car. He found it somewhat funny, the turn of events, how less than a month ago Bobby had been Robert and someone Thor had looked upon with… Well, he wasn’t sure how hed ever really thought about the man. Fascinated, for sure, but he couldn’t say he’d ever been interested in him.

Then again, maybe he had. Subconsciously at least.

To say he’d been surprised when Bobby turned from the cross last weekend and Thor’d seen who he’d been lusting after, who he’d been unable to stop thinking about, would be a gross understatement. Bobby didn’t have the greatest reputation with women and Thor didn’t want to find out or be the first in a long line of men. He’d been unsure about Bobby’s true commitment to this, but at the same time, it was new for both of them, too. Thor wanted it bad enough that he was willing to give it a hundred percent attention and effort. He hoped Bobby wanted it just as bad.

That Thor’s erection hadn’t gone down in six days, no matter how many times he beat off, was testament to the attraction, the lust, the need Bobby inspired in him. It definitely dipped well below the surface.

He’d never been hung up on the closet, coming out or staying in, however when presented with the reality of having to make a choice, of having to make the decision, Thor’d done so in the most public way possible at the time. Since he sent Bobby home last Friday night, he’d wondered if perhaps other men would affect him the same way as Bobby, kind of like being a kid in a candy store. He’d stepped out could freely sample the variety around him. The more he looked at other men, though, the more Bobby’s face filled his mind, the feel of Bobby’s lips under his, the texture of Bobby’s bare ass beneath his hand. Thor didn’t want anyone else.

Bobby got out of his car and clicked a button on the key fob in his hand. A little beeping sound filled the otherwise quiet night as an internal theft alarm set. Thor stood in the doorway between the garage and the kitchen as Bobby walked toward him. He’d dressed in jeans tonight, and as he got closer Thor could see the shirt Bobby wore was a black button down. Black boots thumped on the wooden steps and then, Bobby was eye to eye, chest to chest with Thor.


Thor smiled at the word, at the tentative softness in Bobby’s voice. “Hey. You’re a minute late. Second thoughts?”

“Traffic light missed a cycle.”

“Yeah? The one around the corner?”

Bobby nodded. “Yeah.”

“You staying?”

“If you’ll have me.”

Thor’s heart kicked in his chest and his cock pressed itself against the wool of his kilt. “Come on in,” he said, happy his voice didn’t betray his caveman desire to push Bobby to the ground.

Bobby preceded him. “Nice house.”

“Thanks,” Thor said as he pushed the button to close the small one car garage. When it was down, he closed the kitchen door behind him.

He lived in an older part of town, having bought an abandoned fixer upper for nothing more than the unpaid taxes at auction. He’d completely remodeled it over the last year and while the outside fit in with the neighborhood, the inside was all him.

Pride filled him as Bobby stepped through the kitchen doorway and let go a low whistle of appreciation. Thor stood against one of the black granite counters and let Bobby look around unhampered.

“Did you do all the work yourself?” Bobby inquired as he moved from one open space to another, pausing every now and then to study something.

The all black galley kitchen gave way to a muted gray living room. Replicas of Scottish swords lined one wall while images of Scottish castle ruins lined another custom black and red frames he’d made.

“I did.”

“I know which end of the hammer to use and how to screw in a light bulb, but that’s about the extent of my home improvement knowledge.”

“I guess it’s not a job requirement in a law firm.”

Bobby laughed and shook his head, stopping in the center of the room. He slid his hands into his pockets, his eyes roaming from one corner to next, following the seamless walls up to the ceiling and back down again. “No, it isn’t.”

The living room seating consisted of two black upholstered couches, and black barstools padded in red leather lined the breakfast bar as the only eating area.

“You don’t like the color black at all, do you?”

The question was asked with a smile and the answer given was done with the same light tone. “Fuck you.”

The mood however changed in an instant as the last word left Thor’s mouth. Their eyes connected and in less time than it took for him to draw breath, Thor had Bobby up against nearest wall. “I like a great many things,” Thor whispered, nipping at Bobby’s bottom lip, tugging, sucking it between his teeth, before letting go to slide his tongue inside Bobby’s mouth. It had been too long, six days too long since he’d kissed the man he couldn’t stop thinking about.

Bobby met him stroke for stroke. He slid his hands around Thor’s waist and up his back. The moan he gave Bobby to swallow when Bobby pulled the rubber band from Thor’s hair and gripped the strands in his fists was quickly followed by another. It felt good, so fucking good to be touched, to be wanted, to be with the man against his wall.

Thor pulled away from the kiss and opened his eyes to find Bobby’s bright blue ones focused on him. If he let himself, he could drown in those orbs and he tried to mentally shake himself out of the haze of lust clouding his brain. But, if he were honest, he’d admit he didn’t want to. He wanted Bobby. Had wanted him for the last couple of weeks, probably longer, probably since the first time he’d seen him at the haunted house. It didn’t really matter though. All that did matter was Bobby being in his house, Bobby giving himself to Thor.

“Play first or talk?” Just this once, he’d give Bobby the choice.


“You sure?”

“Yes sir.”

“Damn good answer, boy.” Thor touched the buttons on Bobby’s shirt. “Good shirt?”

“No sir.”

“Damn good answer again,” Thor muttered, lifting both hands to rip the shirt open over Bobby’s chest. Buttons popped and flew across the hardwood floor. Bobby grunted and pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. Thor smiled. “Get naked. I’ll be right back.”

Bobby swallowed. “Here?”

Thor was mesmerized by the movement of Bobby’s Adam’s apple and fought against the urge to tilt his head and take a bite. “Right here. Naked. Now.”

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Snippet Saturday – Every Breath You Take

Happy Snippet Saturday from Lori Foster’s Reader/Author Get Together. I am beat. I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired at a Lori Foster event in the 3-4 years I’ve been coming.

Alpha males. We all love them. I don’t really have villians in my books. My character’s emotions and internal wars with themselves are the villians. I war with my own emotions, with my need for clarity and understanding. I’m a thinking. I’m a ponderer of situations and meanings. Those things in and of themselves are villainous. Questioning. Second-guessing. Wondering.

But Alpha males. Oh yes. They have a way of making us step up and take notice of what we’re doing and what we’re thinking and making sure we actually do something… Even if they have to make us.:-)


Thor loaded a plate in the dishwasher he rarely used and looked over at the man standing at the sink. “You’ve gotten quiet. I take your clothes away and you clam up.” Bobby only nodded and handed another plate over. “Verbal answers, boy.”

“Yes sir.”

“It’s not self consciousness about your body or your looks or anything physical, is it?” He already knew the answer, but he had to get Bobby to open up somehow and asking questions was about the only way to do so now that he was naked.

There were two sides of Thor’s reasoning about Bobby stripping down to nothing. He liked looking at him. Bobby had a lean, well toned physique. He wore clothes well. When dressed he exuded confidence and openness. But when he was like this, bare, he pulled in on himself, barely answered with more than a nod or shake of his head and Thor didn’t understand why.

“Are you ashamed?”

“Of what?”

Well, that got a reaction at least. Surprised. Wide eyes. “Are you ashamed of yourself? Of being a gay man?”


“Okay. Are you ashamed of being a submissive man?”

Bobby scrunched his brows down. “No.”

There was hesitation there. Slight, but it was there. Perhaps he could work with that. He didn’t know where Bobby’s limits were. He didn’t know where he could take him before he balked. He didn’t know what he could ask before Bobby said no. So far, the only issue he’d found was this, Bobby being naked, being the only one of them naked.

“Are you ashamed to admit you like being spanked? You came to me, asking for a spanking while wearing a mask. Were you ashamed?”


A little more strength in his voice. Interesting. “The flogging at the club last weekend, in public. Were you ashamed of that?”


Still more strength. “Talking to Aidn? Talking to your parents? Shame?”


“What did you feel?”

“Relief. Like a mountain had been lifted from my shoulders.”

“And yet being naked with me is a problem?”

“Yes. Well, no. Not if you’re naked, too.”

“But naked alone, you feel uncomfortable? Vulnerable? What? What is it you feel?”

Thor waited what seemed like an impossible amount of time. It couldn’t have been more than a few minutes, two or three at the most, but those few minutes ticked by quite slow.


“Is that all?” Thor knew it wasn’t. There was something more. However small it actually be, it was big to Bobby and therefore it was big to the situation as a whole. He’d known there would be things he’d have to deal with and help Bobby overcome. The mental and emotional were always more difficult, more delicate to handle and work through than any sexual or physical limits. If a sub said their limits included face slapping, then the dominant needed to find out why, see if it was something that could be worked through or something best left alone. That’s what he needed to do with this. Was what Bobby felt something to be worked through or left alone?

Bobby was struggling with answering. Thor knew if he gave Bobby his clothes back, Bobby would be a fount of information and reasons. He was tempted to do it, too, but he really felt this was the best way.

“Small. Unequal. Out of control.”

“Out of control?”

Bobby nodded. “Like I have no power.”

“And small, unequal?”

“Yes sir.”

Bobby’s voice was soft and Thor wanted to wrap the other man in his arms and hold him close, erase the vulnerability from Bobby’s face, but it wasn’t time for that. Not yet anyway.

“You’re not in control. That’s what this is about. This is about you giving up control. It’s not an easy thing to do. In fact, to truly give up control, it’s difficult. To struggle with it doesn’t mean you’re weak or not really submissive. Not to me at least. You’re trying to find where you belong, how submissive you really are. This is a good way to do that. You’re not my equal in this. As a man, yes and likely superior in some ways, but in this right here, no. You’re here for me, serving me, giving to me, surrendering your will and trusting that I know what to do with it. Given your job, your past, if you didn’t struggle with it, fight against it, feel doubts and uncertainties, I wouldn’t think you’re serious at all.”

Bobby finally looked directly into Thor’s eyes. “So, what do we do now?”

“Does what I said make sense?”

“Yes sir.”

And his voice sounded stronger. Thor smiled. “We continue. When you come into my house, you’re to strip if we’re alone. If there’s company, you’ll know ahead of time so you can stay dressed, but otherwise, you’re to go directly to your room and strip. I need you as comfortable in your own skin as you are in your designer suits. This exposure allows me to get deeper inside your head. You need it and I want it.”

“And if I get cold?”

Thor laughed. “You’re looking for excuses now, boy. Very amusing.”

Bobby blushed and hung his head, but didn’t close his eyes. “Yes sir.”

“Very good. You’ll have issues with things. I know that, but the only way we can handle those issues is if you’re open and honest with me. Outside your clothes, you can’t hide. You have no shield. I hope one day you’ll embrace it.”

“And if I don’t? If I never embrace being naked alone?”

“Then you’ll just have to accept that it’s what I want. As long as your my submissive, I want you naked as often as I can get you that way. I meant what I said earlier. I like looking at you.

“Yes sir.”

“Now, about those spankings. Two infractions, yes?”

“Yes sir.”

“And they are?” Of course Thor knew what they were, but it would become practice for Bobby to list them, to ultimately keep track of them for discipline, punishment. In Thor’s book, there was no time like the present to start.

“Forgetting my place and using your name.”

“That’s one.”

“Getting lost in my head.”

“Very good. In my room, on the far wall are my belts. Go pick one and bring it back to me.”

“Y-yes sir.”

“Why the stutter?”

Bobby shook his head. “My father used to send me out to get my own switches off the trees when he was going to spank me.”

“Did it work?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Go.”

He only hesitated for a mere second before he turned and walked away. Thor took the time Bobby was in the back of the house to breathe, to think back over their conversation. He’d never been on the submissive end of the stick, but he’d come into contact with enough of them to know the stronger the submissive, the more rewarding the surrender. He’d always preferred those with spunk and fight to those that simply cowed at his or any other dominant’s feet. He’d never want a doormat and while Bobby’s submission so far was easy, was freely given, Thor had no doubt they’d come across things Bobby would fight against. Him being naked wasn’t it. He didn’t like it, but he wasn’t fighting it.

In all honesty, Thor was content to wait for the hard stuff. He didn’t need everything just now. They were still exploring, still finding how things were going to fit with them.

He looked up just in time to see Bobby coming back down the hall with a black belt. He offered it to Thor, who took it and wrapped it around his hand. It wasn’t his thinnest, but it wasn’t his thickest either. “This a good one. I’m proud of you for choosing one that will hurt.”

“Won’t they all hurt, sir?”

Thor winked. “You’ve never been spanked with a belt?”

“No sir.”

“Well, now you’ll be able to add it to your resume. What about over the knee?”

“No sir.”

Thor nodded. “You’ll be able to keep saying no to that for a while.” He let the belt uncoil itself from his hand. “Go bend over the end of the couch.” He grabbed a couple bottles of water from under the counter and followed Bobby into the great room, the tail of the belt dragging against the floor.

Bobby was braced with his arms on the end of the couch. He was bend forward at the waist, but that wasn’t exactly what Thor had meant. “When I said bend over the end of the couch, I meant bend over the end of the couch. Your abs should be resting on the arm, your hands and forearms on the cushions. Completely bent over. You should be able to rest your head on the cushions as well.”

“Y-yes sir.”

Bobby readjusted his position, his cheek pressed to the seat of the couch, his head turned toward Thor. In order to get down as low as he needed to be, Bobby’s knees were bent slightly and his legs spread.

Thor’s couch was custom made, higher off the floor than a standard sofa because he was a tall man and didn’t relish sitting down with his knees up to his chest all the time. Bobby didn’t have to adjust a lot, but he did have to change his position in small ways until he found the most comfortable one. He stretched his legs out behind him a few inches

All during their conversation, Bobby’s cock would start to harden then soften depending on what was being discussed. Punishment didn’t seem to have an ill effect. He liked being spanked, Thor already knew this. The idea turned Bobby on. In the long run, spanking as a punishment was not going to be effective and Thor would have to come up with something else.

However, during moments when they talked about Bobby’s feelings of vulnerability and being exposed, his cock softened. He was never truly unaroused, never a hundred percent soft, but feeling that way affected him sexually.

Some people got off on it and some didn’t. It seemed Bobby didn’t. In time he might change, but for now it was a negative in his mind.

He approached Bobby from the side and walked around behind him. The lean muscles in the back of his thighs and calves, the lean hips and tight butt cheek, the long line of Bobby’s spine curved so nicely. It was a sight to behold for sure and one Thor had imagined more than once in the last couple of weeks since this all began.

He doubled the belt in his hand and held tight to the buckle and tail. He lightly slapped it again his jeans. His hair was in a pony tail and he wore a comfortable T-shirt but his feet were still bare and he wore no underwear. Bobby had wanted him to get dressed, said he couldn’t think straight when Thor was naked and so Thor had indulged him. Normally, Thor might stay naked himself, but he wasn’t above giving in once in a while. It would help balance them out. Besides, there was a very sexy aspect to being dressed while his lover wasn’t that had nothing to do with control dynamics.

“Ten will be your count. Five on each cheek. Five for each infraction. Do you understand?”

“Y-yes sir,” came the muffled reply.

“You all right?”

“Yes sir.”

But his legs were tense, trembling. His feet were shifting against the floor, restless. And his cock… Bobby’s cock was hard.

end Snippet

I have to scoot now. Things to do, people to talk to and gush over… Enjoy snippets from the following authors:

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Thanksgiving and More…

I seem to be doing that a lot lately, huh? Adding ‘and More…’ to my blog posts. But, I have so much I want to say and unless I write 2 or 3 posts in one day, it’s just easier to do it all at once.

So, first of all, to my American friends and counterparts, Happy Thanksgiving.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Family, friends, readers, health (minus the sinus infection I can’t get rid of), writing, a home, freedom… There’s a lot of hardship in our country and in the world and we need to remember the things we do have, the people we do have that enrich our lives and help share our burdens because there are many who don’t have anything or anyone.Be thankful for what and who you have…

If you are not celebrating Thanksgiving today, well, Happy Thursday! smiles…

Onto the more part of my post… Tomorrow I will be participating in a Black Friday blog hop. Myself and 19 or so other authors have gotten together to talk about Black Friday and any deals or shopping tips we may know of. We’re also giving away a Kindle Fire, and most of us if not all of us are giving copies of books and other such prizes. Click here for the details…

There’s also a HUGE holiday party happening over at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews. A lot of authors with a lot of gifts being given and sharing holiday traditions, memories, recipes, etc… It’s a fun time and it’s going on through the end of December. You should check it out! Click the graphic below if you want see what it’s all about. I’ll be there on November 29th and on December 19th.

I have been writing, but not as much. One of these days, years actually, I’m going to learn that November and NaNoWriMo and I don’t really go well together. I need to stop. I’m not that kind of writer. I wish I were, but I’m not. I want to be, but I’m not sure I ever will be. It’s too much pressure for me. I write differently. Sometimes a lot in a short amount of time and sometimes a little in a very long period of time. It’s gets done. Maybe not on my timetable or your timetable but it does get done.

I will be concentrating in December on finishing up Trouble in the Making for a January release. I had wanted next weekend, but it’s just not going to happen and as I get into December, I want to concentrate on the release of Twisted Up. I am planning a little 10 day party and will give details as they come to me.

Revealed has done well and I’m thrilled beyond imagination at how many of you have written and commented that you want another story in the series. I have a feeling, y’all will keep wanting more as long as I’m willing to keep writing them. 😉 I don’t have a title and I don’t have a cover concept yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know and I’ll get started on it soon.

I will be reworking Sugar Rush soon as well for re-release. I’ve missed cowboy surfer Graham and snarky Jane and look forward to revisiting them. I am still working on Drive Shaft. I’m concerned about some of the business end of it and so while I’ll mull it over, what I want to do with it, what I think is best for you, my readers, I am still writing it. I love it so far… Alli is really out of her element at the moment.

That’s all on the update front for now. I need to get back to cooking… Have a great day, y’all!


Revealed and More…

So, a couple of readers have suggested that there needs to be another story about Thor and Bobby, an HEA. Have you read it? Are you planning to read it? What do you think? What do you want?

It’s up to you.

Do you want another one? Do you want to know how things progress, end up?

Let me know. Email me. Leave a comment here, on Twitter, on Facebook, heck even on Goodreads. If enough of you want it, I’m happy to write it. I love them, Thor and Bobby. I know you love them, too.

It’s been a fun little series to write, something new for me to explore. There are other m/m books in my mind, up on my whiteboard, in Evernote. I wanted to know if anyone would like them, of course, as I said, there were other factors by the names of Kendra and Samantha nudging me, urging me to write m/m. I’ve loved it.

So, let me know… If you’d like more from Thor and Bobby…

And what should the title be?


Revealed Now At Barnes & Noble and All Romance eBooks!

You can now find all three Masked books at Barnes and Noble and All Romance eBooks! I’ll be uploading to Bookstrand as soon as I can see straight.

All I’ve done for the last 3 days is format and upload and format again and learn so much new stuff in this realm of self-publishing that I’m a bit bleary eyed. Forget NaNoWriMo…lol. I am glad though that I have been learning. I’ve been asking a lot of questions and trying different things and as I plan to continue self-publishing throughout next year, these learning curve frustrations are good.

I’ll write more about why I’m self-publishing another day.

For now though, I wanted to give y’all the links (B&N, ARe) so you can go read about the latest developments with these two awesome but complex men.


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