Snippet Saturday – Lean On Me

C’mon. Sing along with me… You know the words.

We all need someone to lean on once in a while. Some of us need to lean on someone a lot more than once in a while. And some of us try very hard NOT to lean on anyone at all EVER. I think that’s sad. There’s nothing wrong with needing some support, needing someone to help shoulder the burden, needing someone you can count on to be there for you. I truly value and treasure those people. Sometimes they are old friends and sometimes they’re new friends and you wonder how you ever got along without them…

There are even some friends who know us better than we know ourselves and make us lean on them, even when we don’t want to…


Bailey needed to bake, to play. It helped her forget, to cope through tough times.

Half a bag of powdered sugar later, along with half a pound of butter, some vanilla, and cream, she was feeling pretty good. Aidn hadn’t crossed her mind but three or four hundred times. Surely, that was some sort of improvement.

She didn’t hear the phone until she’d turned off the mixer. “Hello?” she said absently into the cell phone that she dug out of her pocket, spreading sugar dust everywhere on her jeans. Great.

“What are you doing Saturday night?”

“Hmmmm? And hello to you, too. Saturday night? Nothing that I know of, why?”

“Want to go to Abyss?”

“Oh, no. No, I don’t.” She ran her finger along the inside of the bowl, scooping up some frosting.

“Come on. You haven’t been out of the house in two weeks.”

“Of course I have. I’ve been in the bakery and it’s been really busy. Weddings and all that, you know.”

“That’s not all you’ve been doing. You’re moping over that guy and eating icing.”

Bailey wiped off the mound of icing on her finger. “I am not moping over anyone. I have been working. A lot.” And yes, eating icing. Lots and lots of it. And feeling guilty for it and feeling sad that he left and strangely motivated at the same time to work harder, create more. Anything at all really to keep from thinking about him. He touched what she’d always known was there, what she’d been hiding inside herself… Bailey stuck her tongue out at the phone in a defiant, childish gesture and refused to give him another thought…for at least the next five minutes.

“You’re going Saturday night.”

“No, really, Jen, I don’t want to go. Maybe next time.” In about ten years.

“No. I’m buying your ticket today and I’ll be by to get you at 8:30 on Saturday night.”

“I don’t want to go.”

“I don’t care. We’re going. You need to get over that. It was one day. And only for a few hours at that. Nothing to still be thinking about.”

“You don’t understand.” Her voice sounded weak and wimpy. She hated that.

“I do understand. I’ve had one-night stands before.

He was different. I know he was only a one-time thing. I knew that the moment he asked me to…but… God, Jen, he was different.”

“I know, B. Has he tried to see you again?”

Bailey laughed sardonically. “No, of course not?”

“We need to go out, have a few drinks, flirt a little.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“I do. I’ll pick you up on Saturday night. Dress sexy. Gotta go.” And with that, Jen was gone. Bailey looked at the phone before hanging it up. So much for her objections, but Jen was just trying to help.

She put the cell phone back in her pocket and finished adding color to the frosting. Turning on the mixer, she watched the color shift and weave through the pure white buttercream, getting lost in the swirling of the paddle. Damn. She turned off the machine. The pink wasn’t the right shade. What she had in her head was pale, just a hint of color, but enough that one could tell it was pink and not white.

Oh well. She’d try again later. It was her personal project, to perfect the shade of the frosting. It would look incredible on her chocolate fudge cake. The consistency was perfect, not too sweet, not too heavy, but light and fluffy, whipped butter and cream.

end Snippet

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Have a great Saturday!


Tempting You

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Snippet Saturday – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

What an appropriate time for a theme such as this. Usually June is the month of weddings, but with the recent passing of Robin Gibb, and the memory of the Bee Gees version of this song… I am still saddened.

Yes, I like the Bee Gees and I think it’s tragic that only one brother remains.

However, for Snippet Saturday, we must delve into our books for broken hearts. And they can come from anywhere…death, leaving, a broken friendship, hurt feelings from a family member, even a circumstance can break our heart. Sometimes they mend with ease and sometimes, they leave a scar that we will always feel…

I don’t have a cover for this book yet, but this snippet is from my next M/M release, Malachi’s Word.


“Man.” Danny spat the word with disgust and Mal wiped the bar again just to be on the safe side. “It’s always about a man.”

“Things not work out with that pretty thing you carted out of here the other night?” The glare Danny leveled at Mal would have frightened a lesser man. Mal wasn’t now nor had he ever been scared of Danny. Their friendship went back too far. They knew everything about one another. Danny, drunk or sober, wouldn’t hurt anyone unless it was to protect someone else and he sure as hell would never strike Mal.

“You should know the answer to that one.” Mal did know and secretly, whether it was the right thing or not, he was always glad. Danny always did do things the hard way.

“Then why do you bother?”

“Can’t have who I really want.” The words were miserably spoken, full of sadness and resignation. Mal understood exactly what it meant and felt like to want someone so much and not be able to have them. He’d been dealing with it most his life, but hearing those words from Danny… Well, it was the first time the other man had admitted he felt something for someone.

“You mean there is someone? A serious someone?” He desperately wanted to ask who the man was that had Danny all fucked in the head and drinking the desire away every night. He wanted to know who had been lucky enough to garner Danny’s romantic interest so he could help the guy get his head out of his ass. Danny was special and deserved someone just as… Mal should know. He’d always wanted to be the man Danny fell in love with.

“Where the hell have you been? Of course there’s a serious someone. You think I like fucking a different ass every other week? Damn, Mal. I thought you of all people would…  Shit. I’m outta here.”

“I’ve been trying to get your ass outta here for ten minutes.” At Danny’s confused looked, Mal laughed and hoped he’d pulled it off as nothing more than friendly. “Last call, remember?”

“Fuck you.”

Mal didn’t comment, though he wanted to ask if Danny’s words were an offer because he’d sure like to accept. Instead, he went around the side of the bar and helped his friend to stand. “Who is he?”

“Someone,” Danny uttered softly, the one word sounding so dejected, Mal’s heart ached. He’d never admitted to Danny that there was someone he wanted, too. That, in fact Danny was his someone and while there should always be a special person for everyone, it shouldn’t bring such pain and sadness. Then again, love unrequited was the definition such things.

“Does he know?” Mal asked, walking Danny toward the door. He looked over his shoulder at Eli to find the other man staring after them. Eli nodded and Mal returned the gesture in silent acknowledgement.

“The boy toy? Yes. I called him the other guy’s name during a blow job.”

Mal winced. “Not good. But, I meant the serious man.”

“No,” Danny agreed. “Not good to called a twink or anyone else some other guy’s name. They can get vicious. I still have the scratch marks to prove it. And no, Mr. Serious doesn’t know.”

The cab driver had the door open at the curb and Mal helped Danny get settled inside. “How’d you get here tonight?”

“Friend dropped me off.”

“Okay.” Mal knelt on the sidewalk and looked at his friend, doing his best to school his own features into a mask of support. He didn’t know if he was relieved or disappointed that he wouldn’t have a need to take Danny’s truck back out the ranch . “Maybe you should tell him. At least get it out in the open, Danny.” It wasn’t the first time he wondered if he should take his own advice and tell Danny the truth.

Danny slowly shook his head. “I’d lose him if he knew,” he said, dropping his head backward and closing his eyes. “Can’t lose him.”

Who could Danny know so well and whose friendship meant so much to him that a confession would tear their friendship apart, other than Mal himself? Maybe someone from when he was in the Army? Again, Mal wanted to ask but didn’t. He wasn’t sure he wanted the answer if his own name didn’t pass through Danny’s lips. “How can you lose someone if they don’t even know you want them?” Mal stood after a few seconds when there was no remark made by Danny in response. He closed the door and spoke to the cab driver, paying him in advance and giving him directions out to Danny’s place. Mal paid a little extra for the driver to make sure Danny got inside safely.

He turned away without watching the tail lights disappear. Danny would sober up and everything would be fine. It always was after a binge like this. His friend would be back tomorrow night, all smiles and ready to pick up the next little toy to warm his bed and Mal fought against the urge to rub at the ache in his chest at the thought.


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Have a good Saturday.


Author Friday

It’s been a busy writing week here at Casa Matthews. Actually, more like a busy revising week. Melting Jane is coming along really nice and I’m enjoying revisiting Cowboy Surfer Graham and candy maker Jane. I’ve been able to clean up their story a bit (don’t worry, it is still very naughty in the smex department), but removing extra words, making the writing tighter, adding a little more to their tale.

That is, I think, one of the great advantages to self-publishing…giving older stories new life and allowing them to find a new audience.

Look for Melting Jane near the end of the month… Even the blurb has gotten an update.

And in case you MISSED the cover…


Graham Hall is a twenty-six year old Texan with the job of his dreams: being a freelance travel writer for a national publication. He’s just finished his latest article and has earned some personal down time. With the six month lease not yet up on the small cabin in the Colorado Rockies, he decides to stick around the area for a while and in the process, finds himself agreeing to a blind date with a feisty, down on her luck in the love department, candy maker named Jane.

After all, what could it hurt?

Jane, completely oblivious to the set up, arrives at Graham’s isolated little valley cabin to deliver a box of her handmade Chocolate Kick truffles. From the moment Graham opens the door, Jane is tongue tied and ticked off. Edward, her business partner and most certainly former best friend, has set her up. When she regains her ability to put two coherent words together, plus size, mid-thirties Jane apologizes for intruding and assures Graham that she will take care of the mistake.

What ensues is a series of encounters and confrontations between Jane and Edward, Jane and Graham, and Edward and Graham. At the heart of it all, is Jane’s happiness. Edward wants this for her more than anything. Graham finds himself caught up in her tart tongue and curvy body and isn’t about to call his all too real pursuit a failure, no matter how many times she says no.

With her inability to continue denying herself the man she affectionately refers to as Cowboy Surfer in her head, she gives in and is rewarded with scorching hot sex and a lot of follow-up phone calls after she learns the truth of Graham’s attraction. His persistence leads Jane to believe that life doesn’t have to revolve around chocolate truffles, but rather should revolve around a delicious, well traveled and well built younger man.

Even I want to read the book! Grins…

Today, however, I am not working on Melting Jane. I am instead doing a little challenge, self imposed, but a challenge nonetheless… a Book In A Day! There are little challenges like this that take place, usually it’s a Book In A Weekend, or a Book In A Week. Mine is a short story, 8-10K, so doing it in a day isn’t going to be the problem. No, the problem will come Saturday when I’m unable to string two words together and have them make any kind of sense. My wee little brain will be fried.

The title for this book is Eli’s Promise, and it’s the second book in my Bar Next Door series, which will be coming out with Samhain Publishing sometime in the near future.

So, I need to get started. Y’all have a great day!


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