Music Monday – Uncharted

I chose this song and well, it’s a bit on the ironic side because I’m doing something new starting this month which is planning…charting… measuring… But this is one of my very favorite songs and the message in it, is exactly what I feel…


New Words For A New Year!

Happy 2015!

Let’s hope it is, right!?! I know I am hoping so.

I know Brave was a big song last year, but I think it’s a good places to start in this new year, right here at the beginning, on day one. (more…)

Music Monday – Gonna Get Over You (NSFW)

And no, this version of Gonna Get Over You by Sara Bareilles is NOT safe for work or likely mixed company (young kids or those offended by the word F*CK. Now, the actual embed link has been disabled by either YouTube or someone else, but… The share link still works.

This sentiment is a lot how I’m feeling of late with some things, some people, some issues, and it’s the best way I could come up with to express such and smile while doing so.

I’ve also added Miranda Lambert’s New Strings… about striking out on your own, proving those wrong who said you couldn’t do it, leaving the old ways behind…

There are new feelings, new experiences, new challenges… And whole year ahead to take chances…


Music Monday – Brave

Sara Bareilles is one of my very favorite artists. She writes songs that speak to me on various levels. Pain. Hurt. Happiness. Courage. Bravery. Fear. Love. Her words are honest at any given moment for whatever my state of mind may be. I love that about music in general and her music especially. If I need to explore an emotion, a feeling, or just be…I can listen to her and something will click inside me.

Music has power over me, be it with words and lyrics or classical music without.

Her latest song, Brave, is something I’ve needed to hear for a long, long time. It’s permission, whether needed or not, to speak up. It’s a nudge and it’s something more and more of us need. We hide behind politically correct. We hide behind fear of what someone else may think. We hide behind who’s feelings may or may not be hurt. Well, in light of that, what about my feelings, or your feelings? We all have the right to say the words we need to say. Staying silent in order to spare others or ourselves from the unpleasantness of reality isn’t and doesn’t do anyone any good.

Meanness is not what I’m speaking of. But honesty, is.

As Sara says in this song, How big is your Brave?

Have a great Monday.


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