Music Monday – Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag

I’m breaking with tradition for a bit. See, I usually don’t start the Christmas music until the week of Thanksgiving, but I’ve started a little early. One of my favorite Christmas albums is by SheDAISY, Brand New Year. I love them, all their albums and one day they’ll have a new one, but for now, at this time of year, I wear the hell out of their Christmas one.

Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag is on the soundtrack of The Santa Clause 2 and I love it. The movie and the song… So, thought I’d share it with you.


The holidays are about love and togetherness and we don’t see our families much. My husband doesn’t get the days surrounding the holidays off very often and money is tight for every one lately. Facebook and phone calls and video chats just aren’t the same as a hug or late night conversations eating left over holiday pie. Times change and family and friends move… And while it’s my favorite time of year, it’s also at times a very lonely one when you’re missing parents, grandparents, siblings. If yours are close by, be Thankful. One of the things I love about SheDAISY is that they’re sisters and I think that’s wonderful, to be close like that.

Oh and in case you weren’t aware, and this is vitally important information, the classic television special Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is on CBS next Tuesday, before Thanksgiving. I don’t remember the last it was on in November. It’s a tradition in our house. It’s campy and sometimes ridiculous, but it’s part of my memories as a child, so, I’ll be tuned in promptly at 8pm.

Have a great week, y’all. And don’t forget my new release, The Cupcake Cowboy comes out Friday, the 22nd.


Music Monday

LissaLogoYellow_reasonably_smallIt’s been a long weekend, y’all. San Antonio was awesome. I definitely want to go back, rent a car, and drive around. It was green and lush and beautiful. It was busy and vibrant and completely not what I was expecting but exactly what I’d hoped for. I’m feeling inspired and curious and ready to get back to work on the Lone Star Sweets series…

But before that… I’ve always had musical inspiration on all my writing, even the pieces that are stuffed in the back of cabinets and drawers and file boxes. Most know that Keep It Together came from Miranda Lambert’s Mama’s Broken Heart. Twisted Up came by way of a SheDAISY song, 360 Degrees of You.

The song Famous In A Small Town is what hit me as a great theme for my short story, Small Town Famous…

Twisted Up might have come from a line in the SheDAISY song, but Justin (the real Justin) loved Sugarland and so as I wrote the book, those two groups played the entire time.

I love music and it keeps me sane, keeps me feeling young even. One of the reviews I glanced at for Trouble In The Making commented that Liz and Johnny talked/acted younger at times than their ages and yes, they probably did. I don’t talk for my age either. Not always. I feel old a lot of times, but certain music makes me feel different, years younger and maybe that translates into my books. A lot of the musicians I loved when I was in my teens are in their 50’s and 60’s and they act, talk, play younger now than when they were 20 years younger.

In our 40’s we’re still insecure, still emotionally unsettled, still uncertain, still trying to find our way. When the younger set is our age, they’ll be the same… Hell, there are many 18-19 year olds who act like they’re still 10, so…

Music and laughter help us feel younger, act younger, even play younger, especially when we get around people who are younger or who we knew in our younger days… I definitely don’t want my characters, who are in their mid-30’s-early 40’s to come across as old and stodgy 😉

Before I go, I think I like this song. This girl… damn, I wish I had her body, but LOVE the title, Giddy On Up..

Y’all have a great Monday. I have work to do…


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