Valentine’s Day Gift Hop

ValentinesDayGiftHop Happy early Valentine’s Day!

There’s a lot going on with this blog hop we’re participating in and you don’t want to miss a second of it.

There are grand prizes and there are prizes at each blog stop. And there’s a fantastic grand prize of a Kindle Paperwhite (I have one and I LOVE it!) along with a New Adult romance bundle which features our wonderful host, Skye Warren’s Beauty series!

BloghopPrizes (2)

Leave a comment below to be entered to win!

For my part of the hop, I’ll be giving away a $25 gift card to an e-tailer of your choice (books, lingerie, naughty toys, etc…) and ebook copies of The Cupcake Cowboy, Love and Tattoos, Melting Jane, and my new release Slide Down On Me! Talk about a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Leave a comment below, answering the following the question… What was the least romantic Valentine’s gift you’ve ever received (if you normally receive anything)?

I hope you’ll have a fun and enter all the giveaways!

Wet and Wild Blog Hop


Here we are y’all… I haven’t participated in a blog hop in several months so I thought it would be cool to do one. And this particular one is quite sexy, yes? Or at the very least, it’s very provocative and suggestive. All of which I like, so…

Sexy is between the ears. As we look at the woman in the graphic above, her white bikini, her nice body, we should remember that any woman, no matter her size can be wet and wild, can be sexy, can be suggestive and sensual, can be provocative and alluring. I write books featuring women who are larger sizes, fuller figures and it’s because that’s what I know. They don’t wear bikinis but that doesn’t mean they’re not just as sexy as those who do…

There are a couple of things going on with this one, a couple of grand prizes.


I will be giving a $20 Amazon gift card so you can load up on whatever you might need. For instance, towels after you’ve gotten all kinds of wet and wild 😉 Or you’ll have a choice of a $25 gift card to Eden There you’ll be able to find something to HELP you get wet and wild…

The rules are as follows… you must visit all blogs and you must comment on all blogs. The hop coordinator has asked that you leave your email address in your comment so that she can easily track you down if you have won.

I’ve you’re so inclined, I’d love for you to give me a Like on my Facebook page, a follow on Twitter, or a follow on Pinterest and a comment letting me know you’ve done so. I want to get to know you and for you to get to know me. We might find a few things we both like. The coffee cups on the sidebar over ——–> there will take you to Facebook and Twitter, and there is a Follow Me on Pinterest button on the sidebar as well below my latest pins.

The list of blog hop participants is below…

Have fun hopping along!


Naughty New Year’s Blog Hop



I haven’t done a hop in a while but thought that the New Year was a good time to join in on one. And it’s a naughty one so, yeah…:-)

And speaking of naughty, many people still talk to me about Vinter and Jaz. Dallon, their middle friend is naughty too, but he doesn’t get as much attention or respect… My writing over the last couple of years has been a little different than what it was back when I wrote Vinter’s book. To be honest, I miss writing naughty like that. Sometimes though, I think what I see as naughty is now more mainstream, that there’s nothing to surprise readers with… That does make me kinda sad, but for 2013, I’m going to work on a few erotic, naughty (what I think are naughty) books and see if I can’t tempt some readers back my way…

Now, what do you get for following the blog hop and commenting? Well, there are several grand prizes:

1. $100 giftcard to Eden Fantasies…


2. An erotic 10 book bundle:


To be eligible for these, you must comment on all tour stops across the hop…

My own personal giveaway is an Amazon or Barnes and Noble giftcard for $25 so you can pick out some of your own naughty books that you’ve been dying to read… For this you simply need comment on my blog here and tell me what would you like to see in an erotic book that you haven’t yet or haven’t seen done often…

The Naughty New Year’s Hop starts today January 2 and goes through January 6. For more information, you can hop over to our coordinator’s blog,

If you’d like to follow my blog, you may do so through Network blogs or through email. Forms and links are to the Right. You may also follow me on various social networks. You’ll find those links in the form of coffee cups to the right as well. ——>

We all hope you’ll have a lot of fun hoping from blog to blog and may 2013 be extra naughty for you…


2013 Bookie Award Nominees and A Sale

I have never had a book nominated for an award before. This is exciting for me. This is awesome for me. I was completely shocked and surprised and in awe. You know when people say they were honored just to be nominated? Yeah, it’s a real feeling. I’m my first, last, hardest, and worst critic. I always see where I could have done better, where I could have written something smoother, hotter, sexier, deeper. I always see the imperfection of what I’ve created. But that there were people who thought the two stories nominated were worth it… Yeah, for me, it is a definite honor and very humbling.

Here’s the link to the full list of nominees in all categories: Authors After Dark: 2013 Bookie Award Nominees. The actual voting for the winners opens on November 1.

Committed: An Erotic Valentine’s Tale was nominated for Erotic Short Story of the Year

Melting Jane was nominated for Ebook Only Short Story of the Year

I am still like WOW!

Committed: An Erotic Valentine’s Tale is available for free all the time HERE on my website in PDF form, as well as on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks. Please download a copy…

Melting Jane is going to be on sale both in honor of the Bookie Award Nomination and as part of a fun two week sale organized by my friend Skye Warren.There are several wonderful authors participating and I’ve read most of them, love them, too. You can click on the graphic and it’ll take you directly to the sale page…

The normal price for Melting Jane is $2.99 but it’ll be on sale for $0.99 from now until November 14th on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks. If you haven’t read this book, now is your chance…

Graham Hall is a twenty-six year old Texan with the job of his dreams: being a freelance travel writer for a national publication. He’s just finished his latest article about small winter resort destinations in Colorado and has earned some personal down time. With the six month lease not yet up on the small cabin he rented, Graham decides to stick around the area for a while and in the process, finds himself agreeing to a blind date with a feisty, down on her luck in the love department, candy maker named Jane.

After all, what could it hurt?

Jane, completely oblivious to the set up, arrives at Graham’s isolated little valley cabin to deliver a box of her handmade Chocolate Kick truffles. From the moment Graham opens the door, Jane is tongue tied and ticked off. Edward, her business partner and most certainly former best friend, set her up. When she regains her ability to put two coherent words together, plus size, mid-thirties Jane apologizes for intruding and assures Graham that she will take care of the mistake.

What ensues is a series of encounters and confrontations between Jane and Edward, Jane and Graham, and Edward and Graham. At the heart of it all, is Jane’s happiness. Edward wants this for her more than anything. Graham finds himself caught up in her tart tongue and curvy body and isn’t about to call his all too real pursuit a failure, no matter how many times she says no.

With her inability to continue denying herself the man she affectionately refers to as Cowboy Surfer in her head, she gives in and is rewarded with scorching hot sex and a lot of follow-up phone calls after she learns the truth of Graham’s attraction. His persistence leads Jane to believe that life doesn’t have to revolve around chocolate truffles, but rather should revolve around a delicious, well traveled and well built younger man.

**This book was previously published and titled as Sugar Rush. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release.**

I have some awesome readers and I am more grateful to you than I can say for allowing me into your lives through my books. You give me the opportunity to earn a living doing something I love. Thank you…


Winner! Hot Summer Nights Erotica Blog Hop

Good morning everyone! With the help of caffeine, and, a winner for the Simple Needs books and the $10 gift card has been chosen:

June Manning! Come on Down…

June, you will find an email from me in your inbox this morning. To everyone who has participated and joined in the fun. Y’all had some very awesome summer activities that you love and that most of you have reading at the top of your lists… Well, we authors all definitely appreciate that.

The grand prize winners have also been chosen by our lovely blog hop coordinator, Skye Warren. Those winners were Andie Leah and Rae. So, definite congrats to them!

The next blog hop I’m participating in is…wait for it… the Cocked and Loaded Blog Hop starting next week I believe. That will be a fun one as well!

Again, thanks to everyone. Thanks for all your wonderful answers and I hope all of you have a very happy and safe Summer!


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